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How to Get More Views for your Facebook Fan Page

Updated on March 8, 2016

Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites in the world. It boasts over 3 billion active users. All of those users are fans of something, be it a brand, a television show, a book, or a musical artist. They often like official pages for the things they enjoy, but they don't always have to.

An Intro to Fan Pages

Fan Pages, also known as "Community Pages" are pages created by unofficial sources, usually fans of a particular work. There may be many fan pages for a particular thing, especially if that thing is very popular. Fan pages often do things an official fan page cannot, like collect fan works, post funny pictures, or keep interest in something many years after the original work has finished. Since there are many fan pages, it may feel like it is almost impossible to get people to see your fan page. I manage three fan pages with over seven thousand likes, so I know what I'm talking about.

Keeping Interest: Make Good Content

You can have thousands of people view your page, but if you don't have any content on your page, people are unlikely to stick around. Try to post new content at least once a week to keep people active.

Getting the First Hundred Likes

The first hundred likes are very important to a fan page. This small group of people will form the basis of the fans your page will receive. At this stage, your page will probably not have much content. There are some things you might have, though. You might have some friends that are fans of the thing your page is about. In that case, invite them to like your page. You may also know a fan forum or other webpage when you can ask people to like your page. Between these sources, you should have one hundred likes or more.

Share for Share?

An extremely popular way to get more people to like your page is to ask other Facebook pages to share it. This is known as a "share for share" or "promo for promo". If you find an extremely popular page, you can get hundreds of people to like your page at once. A good way to start finding pages you can share is to use Facebook's search system to find pages that are similar to yours. For example, if you have a Harry Potter page, you could search for "Hufflepuff", or if you have an anime page, you could search for popular characters from that show. Another way you can find pages to share is to check the "posts from others" section on a page. Other pages that are actively looking for people to share their content with will have posted share requests there.

Pro Tip!

If you want to keep your audience interested, you should post content between your shares. People will get turned off of your page if all they see are shares of other pages. It looks like spam.

General Rules for Sharing

  • Check to see if there are rules on the page you are sharing. These might be in the page description or on a note. If there are, follow the rules on that page. The administrators are more likely to share your page if you follow their rules.
  • If there are no rules, check out the last time they posted something. Many pages lie dormant.
  • Post a message on that page asking if they could share your page. This is usually phrased with the simple "share for share?"
  • Always offer to share them first.
  • Don't try to share too many pages in one go. You want to actually be able to share those pages with your audience.
  • Thank pages that share you, particularly the big ones.
  • Try to be understanding if a page says they don't share your type of page. There may not be much audience overlap between your page and theirs.


So You Have Likes- Now What?

If you have amassed a fair-sized fan base, you can help out smaller, fledgling pages by sharing them, possibly on a regular basis. You can also get people more involved with your page. This can be done by asking questions or creating content that people want to share. I find funny things or controversial things get the most likes and shares.

Facebook will recognize when more people like, comment and share a post, and serve that post to more people, so if you create something dull, it will never be seen. If your post is very popular, it may be served to friends of people that like your page.

An Example of the "Posts" Data


My Recent Post Reach

Post Number

The Basics of Insights

Facebook collects data on all the traffic that comes to your page. They are able to track who liked your page when, how many people are engaging with your posts, what your page's demographics are, and much more. This data can be very useful for deciding what you should post next. Here're the basics of insight on a computer (mobile devices have a simplified version).

Likes: This area shows you the likes your page has, and where people liked your page from.

Reach: This area shows you how many people have seen your posts. It also shows how many people have liked, commented or shared a post or how many people have hidden your content or called it spam.

Visits: This section shows how many people have seen your page's timeline.

Posts: This area shows how many of your fans are online in a given time period, which posts are most popular, what types of posts are most popular with your audience, and what pages similar to yours are doing (if you've set that up).

People: This shows all of your demographics data. It shows the age and gender diversity of the people on your page and which country, city, and language your page is most popular in. There are additional breakdowns for people who have seen your content and people who have engaged with your posts.

This data can help you grow your audience by giving you every bit of information you could possibly need.

Fan pages can be extremely confusing things, but over time, you will learn more about how they work and get used to having one of your own. With a little hard work and a lot of luck, your page can become one of the best.

How many likes does your page have now?

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    • Molly Layton profile image

      Molly Layton 2 years ago from Alberta

      No problem! You could also search for "cooking" pages.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      thanks for your tips. I must go search for chicken recipes facebook and get those shares up

    • Molly Layton profile image

      Molly Layton 2 years ago from Alberta

      That's okay. Good luck with your page!

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 2 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Good tips! My FB Sunshine Times page has just over 100 likes...I am more about quality over quantity. Plus I do not have time to pimp out my page :)

    • Molly Layton profile image

      Molly Layton 3 years ago from Alberta

      Good luck, kalinin1158!

    • kalinin1158 profile image

      Lana Adler 3 years ago from California

      Very informative! I hate dealing with Facebook, but I guess there's no way around it! Working towards my first 100 likes...

    • Molly Layton profile image

      Molly Layton 3 years ago from Alberta

      I wasn't aware this was visible to other people. What a nice surprise.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Very good research and tips, Molly! New writers would do well to read this article.