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How to Get the Most Out of Your Electronic Pulse Massager

Updated on March 15, 2013

Electronic pulse massagers are very convenient and simple to use. These hand-held devices are portable, compact and ideal for using on your legs, arms, back, shoulders and feet.

Most electronic pulse massagers offer a range of massage programs to choose from depending on the source of the pain or the level of discomfort.

There are other devices available that combine tapping massage, squeezing massage and kneading massage styles.

However, these are not easy to use in hard to reach places, making electronic pulse massagers more advantageous.

Electronic pulse massagers usually display the type of massage stimulation program selected, as well as the intensity and the treatment time remaining.

High frequency stimulation is often the preferred setting as this helps to relieve the pain more rapidly.

What Are The Benefits?

Many people can benefit from these convenient devices. They can be useful for alleviating pain associated with arthritis, muscular spasms, sciatica and lower back pain.

For patients that are recovering from a stroke, sporting injury or some other tissue damage, electronic pulse massagers can offer some relief.

The ability to use these devices at home without the need to visit a chiropractor or physiotherapist is very appealing and cost effective.

Although electronic pulse massagers are popular, many consumers are disappointed with the quality of the electrode pads that are needed to operate the device.

The electrode pads are placed on the skin to facilitate the transfer of electric pulses. These pulses stimulate the surrounding tissue area and provide pain relief.

When the electrodes are no longer working, the patient cannot use the massager. While electrode pads are supplied with the initial purchase of the machine, they are often of inferior quality and have a limited lifespan.

This means that consumers need to find new pads to use in conjunction with their massage device.

Amazon Products

Thera Sonic Highly Conductive Electrode Spray 2 Fl Oz.
Thera Sonic Highly Conductive Electrode Spray 2 Fl Oz.

Snapon Electrode Pads for Digital Therapy Massager Electrode Pads for Electronic Massager, Acupuncture Therapist Snap on button connector Cleanable and Reusable Durable


New Brand Of Electrode Pads

In order to get the maximum benefit from their electronic pulse massager, it’s important to purchase high quality electrode pads.

Ideally, you want to choose pads that are re-usable. Most of the electrode pads on the market are disposable items and for single use only.

Although they tend to be inexpensive, if you need to use your massager regularly the device can become expensive to operate.

Finding quality re-usable electrode pads can be difficult if you’re not sure what to look for. Also, because there are so many different brands available it can become confusing, especially as not all pads are compatible with all machines.

However, there is a promising new brand of electrode pads called Snap-On Electrodes that are being sold by Uplifting Therapies.

This company was established back in 2006 and has proven to be very popular due to the quality of products they offer consumers.

Uplifting Therapies has recognized and met, the demand for quality, re-usable electrodes that meet customer expectations.

Snap-on Electrodes have been designed to be compatible with a whole range of digital therapy devices.

Not only are they suitable for electronic pulse massagers, they are also compatible with acupressure and acupuncture machines.

Omron and regular TENS devices are the only machines not comparable with Snap on Electrodes.

The electrodes are sold in packs of eight and come with a snap on button connector and a set of eight skin prep wipes.

These electrode pads have been made with durable materials and expertly constructed, guaranteeing top quality.

As they are re-usable, consumers don’t need to worry about constantly replacing their electrode pads.

Uplifting Therapies has also ensured that Snap-on Electrodes are affordable, making it inexpensive to run an electronic pulse massager or similar devices.

The pads are easy to use and easy to keep clean. If you need quality electrode pads, Snapon Electrodes are perfect and highly recommended.

They can be purchased online from or through Uplifting Therapies’ retail page.


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