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How to Protect Facebook Google Yahoo Acount

Updated on February 11, 2010

What is it all about?

Here I am going to let you know the secret of hacking someone’s password using your computer.

This post is necessary even for many other people who are unaware of today’s potential privacy theft procedures.

Can you imagine you surf the net in a hurry from some cyber cafe or from your friend’s laptop and send some mail from Yahoo, Google or access your bank account or just do a little chat.

And the next day you observe unexpected behavior of your profile such as strange mails from your mailbox are sent to your contacts without your information and even to the extent that your money in bank account suddenly gets reduced to 0?

Worried? Interested? Read on…

Key Loggers to name a few

  • Actual Spy v.3
  • Ekb Key-Logger V.1.5
  • Key Key 2000
  • Chat nanny
  • Key Interceptor
  • 2SPY!
  • Omniquad Desktop Surveillance
  • WinWHatWhere Investigator
  • AppsTraka
  • SureShot Ghost Keylogger

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Keystroke logging (often called key logging) is the practice of recording (or logging) the keys struck on a computer keyboard, typically in a covert manner so that the users using the keyboard is completely in dark that their actions are being monitored. There are many key logging methods, ranging from hardware and software-based to acoustic analysis.

It’s very simple software that can be found easily scattered in the internet without price and the primary objective of this software is to hide itself from the user and record each and every key stroked on the targeted computer.

It can either be installed locally by the owner of the computer or even can be installed remotely via virus (Remember installation of this software is merely a cake work).

The user of the infected computer will never know software exists in the computer which can monitor each and every key the user strokes.

It can even be installed at the BIOS level and that means it won’t be software in that case but will just be a complex BIOS configuration.

It is important to note that in highly risky condition, the key logger can even be Acoustic in nature, and that simply means it will be able to record each character on the keyboard typed as each character makes a subtly different acoustic signature when stroked.

Following are some advanced key loggers you should be aware of.

Another type of key loggers can capture screens, rather than keystrokes.

Other key loggers can secretly turn on video or audio recorders, and will transmit what they capture over your internet connection.

So be very skeptic when you next time stroke a key on some unknown computer.

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Final Words

And that is why when your bank website encourages you to use Virtual Keyboard..Do not give it a damn, because that is the only way till date to restrict Key logger infiltrating your privacy.

Just to end with the note, The next generation is all about infiltrating privacy and the days are not far away when each and every move of yours will be watched closely by someone sitting somewhere in this universe.

Escape Route:

Prevention is the best cure and naturally it's best not to use unknown computers

Avoid using software without Publisher name

Install recognized Anti Virus because days are gone we use free anti virus.

Keep your Anti Virus updated always.

Some hope in the end is, now a day’s operating systems have their own firewall that prevents most of the malicious software provided you do not make way for them.

Do not compromise your security at any cost


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