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How to Hook a Printer up to a Laptop

Updated on December 6, 2012

Connecting a Laptop to a Printer

Hooking a Laptop to a Printer
Hooking a Laptop to a Printer | Source

Having a printer at home is a very convenient way to print all your documents, such as you color photos or your written work. With a printer, you can send all of your documents directly from your computer to the printer, and have them ready on paper, so as to have them on another source other than the, sometimes, dazzling glare of the computer.

Hooking up a printer to a laptop requires a few basic steps. After performing these basic steps, you´ll have your laptop connected to a printer ready to scan and print all the documents.

After unpacking your printer and removing all the protective materials, place the printer on a table, along with all the devices needed to make it function. Now, plug your printer to the power adapter with the power cable included with the printer and turn on the printer.

Material needed

  • USB cable
  • Power cable
  • CD software
  • installation Guide

Devices Needed to Connect a laptop to a Printer

Connecting Items
Connecting Items | Source

How to Instal the Ink Cartridges?

The printer usually comes with 4 cartridges; a cyan, magenta, yellow and a black cartridge. Take the cyan ink cartridge and insert it into the cartridge compartment on the right side of the printer and push it into the slot until it makes a click sound.

The click sound tells you that the cartridge has been inserted right. Push the stop button, which is an icon with a red arrow at the very front side of the printer. This will move the cartridge holder to one side. To install the rest of the cartridges, follow the same previous steps for each cartridge. The slots in the cartridge compartment will indicate which ink cartridge to insert next.

How to Instal the Ink Cartridges?
How to Instal the Ink Cartridges? | Source

How to Instal the Printer´s Software?

On this hub, I´m going to show you how to connect your laptop to an Epson Stylus TX130. The installation should work with other brands. The first thing you´ll need to do to instal the software is to Insert the CD that came with your printer into the CD drive of your laptop. The CD contains all the drivers and applications needed for your printer to function.

Once you insert the CD into the CD drive of your laptop, a new window appears, click instal and then click on I accept the license agreements. A new window showing the installation progress will appear.

Software Installation
Software Installation | Source

Soon before the software installation is complete, a new window will appear asking you to connect the USB cable between your laptop and the printer.

Connecting a Laptop to a Printer
Connecting a Laptop to a Printer | Source

The installation will take a few minutes after which a new window will come up asking you to print a test page. A test page is the first page you´ll print to verify that the installation was successful.

To effectively print a test page, you should have your laptop connected to the printer; you should have installed all the ink cartridges correctly; and you should have already loaded some printing paper on your printer.

How to Print a Test Page?

Printing your first page
Printing your first page | Source


To hook your laptop to a printer and have it correctly print your documents from your laptop, you should have followed a few basic steps. First, you connected the printer to the electric power; then, you installed the four cartridges on the printer; next, you installed the software and connected your laptop to the printer with an USB cable; and last, you should be able to print a test page from the printer successfully!


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    Jose Juan Gutierrez 5 years ago from Mexico City

    Thanks for stopping by and reading this hub.

  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

    Thanks for your very clear instructions; never mind that I scored 80% on the quiz (theory). I bet I would do it right following your guide. Thank you.