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Search Engine Optimization - A Guide

Updated on July 26, 2015

Nowadays SEO i.e. search engine optimization has become world know technique to promote websites on search engines. But a few people implementing these techniques know what a quality SEO is. SEO is just not limited to link building but it is a collective process of both on site and off the site activities.

On page Optimization

As the name suggests On page optimization means optimizing website on the website itself. It refers to implementing various changes like Title, meta tags, content optimization, anchor text, heading text, URL optimization, image optimization etc. Above all these, the most basic and important task is the selection of most relevant keywords. Keywords should be as per services/product offered on the website. On page optimization matters the most in SEO as search engines consider title, meta tags and other on page factors to extract relevance of the website with search queries. Most of the times it happens that you ignore On page optimization on website and keep on building backlinks in continuously but still you can’t see your website ranking on search engines. This is just because search engines demand solid On page optimization along with backlink building. So in the beginning of SEO you should well optimize your website as per Google standards.

Off page optimization

Off page optimization refers to the optimization performed off the website. It involves building one way backlinks from other websites to increase visibility of your website. While ranking a website search engines also consider that how much website is popular among other websites on the web. If it has good backlink profile with high quality backlinks pointing to the website then there are good chances to get ranked on top search results. Among various off page tactics building backlink through promoting quality content is most important. As we often see that latest news always comes on the top results of Google. It shows that there is always a top space for fresh content on the web. So it is recommended that you keep on sharing fresh content about your website. In addition to this off page tasks include directory submissions, online bookmarking, article sharing, submitting press release, images submission etc.

Lastly, if your are implementing SEO then you should focus on both On page and Off page optimization. If you skip any of these two parts, you are not going to have fully deserving results for your website. SEO is a continuous process and takes time to get results so you must be patient and concentrated in doing quality work. If you follow this you will definitely have required benefits out of SEO process.


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