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How to Improve Battery Life of Laptop

Updated on February 14, 2017

A Laptop with a strong Battery make you feel Fulfilled


Learning how to improve battery life of a laptop computer is a crucial subject. It is disappointing when you expect your laptop Computer battery to last a little longer before an opportunity to recharge, it suddenly gets exhausting, especially when there are urgent works to finish. I have been a victim of this and I believe it is a commonplace experience.

The laptop Battery is one of the several factors that distinguish a laptop Computer from a regular desktop computer. The battery, therefore, has to be strong with a high level of performance. There are measures to take to ensure optimum performance and also elongated lifespan.

Every new battery comes with a warranty as per the lifespan under stated conditions. It is of paramount importance to know how many hours the battery will last when used under different conditions such as video streaming, internet browsing, and perhaps offline typing with Microsoft Word.

What a laptop is constantly used for will ultimately determine its battery lifespan especially when not on the direct source of power. There are activities that demand greater power consumption and some lesser. Video streaming and Web browsing are good examples of high power consumption activities than merely typing with word application.

It is important to measure power consumption when the laptop is in use. This will help to identify activities that are high power consuming and how to manage them. However, laptop battery has a lifespan. The essence of this discourse is geared towards maximizing its longevity.

You work with confidence without a direct electrical power connector,when your Laptop battery performance is maximized
You work with confidence without a direct electrical power connector,when your Laptop battery performance is maximized | Source

Steps Required to Improve Battery Life of Laptop

The following steps are required to improve battery life of a Laptop Computer:

  1. Manage Advanced Power Setting: Advanced power setting in a Laptop provides different power consumption options such as Balance Power Saver and High-Performance options. I personally use the Balance option and it helps my battery performed optimally. The option chosen will determine the longevity of your battery.The High-performance option will consume more power except on DC power supply.

If there is a need for a high-performance monitor, it can be used when there is a poor visibility in the room. High performance increases the brightness of the Screen.

2. Customize Power Plan to Turn off Computer: When the Computer is not in use it should be turned off. This will conserve power and elongate the battery lifespan. The computer can also be timed via the power setting to hibernate when not in use. I set mine for five minutes and it proved power conserving.

3. Manage Applications: Modern laptops have the facility of running several applications same time if need be. Any application that is running and not used should be closed. It will help conserve the battery life of the laptop.

4. Turn off Wireless when not in use: Turn off the wireless device such as internet connections and Bluetooth when they are not in use.

5. Turn off the Laptop when not in use: If you are not using the laptop, turn it off, instead of leaving it on standby as this act will reduce the lifespan of the battery.

6. Use the right Adapter: Each Laptop make has peculiar Adapter with power specifications requirement. Ensure that such specifications are met when changing or replacing Adapter. Wrong Adapter (Charger) can damage a battery or reduce its lifespan.

7. Charging Laptop battery: Unplug the adapter immediately there is an indication that the battery is full. Use the battery until when very low ( up to 80% consumption) before recharging.

8. Know when to calibrate the Battery: Laptop battery calibration is the process of restoring vitality to a battery life. When a battery is frequently used and charged, if not discharged completely before recharging, the battery meter may give an inaccurate reading (gauging battery power status) after some time.

Battery Calibration will help restore accurate battery Power status reading. It depends on the degree of usage, Laptop battery can be calibrated within one to three months. Check Advance Battery settings in your Laptop and find the requisite steps for battery calibration. The instruction and process are very simple.

9. Avoid moist environment: The temperature under which a Laptop is operated is of paramount importance. For optimum performance avoid moist environment and a direct water contact. Also, avoid extreme heat conditions, it can cause damage to the battery.

10. Examine contact Pins: Check the battery contact Pins from time to time for rust or if any is broken. Contact Pins have to remain clean, not dusty and should contact terminals correctly.

11. Replacement of Battery: The required battery quality should be used for replacement if possible the one with a warranty from an accredited seller. A Laptop Battery will be due for replacement some day if in use. Aforementioned Laptop battery conservation steps can only work with a high standard battery. More so, the battery should be replaced as at when due to forestall any damage on the laptop.

12. Use Laptop on a Hard Surface: Don’t place Laptop on a soft surface like pillows that can easily heat up the system and block ventilation. Soft surfaces could also make the system to absorb dust easily which with time will become injurious.

13. Avoid playing Heavy Games: Most games come with a lot of graphics with high power consumption demand. Avoid such games. Avoid using Laptop to play games as it drains battery power easily. If you are consistent with it can reduce battery lifespan.

These measures on how to improve battery life of a laptop computer are crucial. It can be detrimental when taken for granted. Important schedule when a laptop computer is in use can be truncated. Ensure that battery is charged under required power specifications. Once the battery goes dead, change it immediately to avoid damage to the entire system.


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