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How to Improve SEO Positioning

Updated on June 20, 2010
How well is your ranking in THEM?
How well is your ranking in THEM?

Getting Everything Done In 6 Steps

For those who have no idea what SEO is, it is simply referring to Search Engine Optimization which is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a website or webpage from search engines. Improving SEO positioning is very important as traffic from search engines is a lot more as compared to those other sources. Thus, let's look at some way to improve on your site/article SEO position.

Choosing Your Keywords
Choose your targeted keywords carefully. Do not only focus on keywords that are very popular in searches, there would be a very tense competition for it and would be hard for you to get a good Page ranking.Focusing on keywords with lesser competition tends to give you a better result on getting a good ranking on google, and in terms of money wise.
Include Keywords inside posts
Always try to include keywords that you want to ranked high for in your posts, identify what your targeted customers are looking for and sum up the post with the needed keywords and whatever information in relevance to what your customers are looking out for. Please be wise and include only a small amount of related keywords in your content, overuse of your keywords will just be identified by spam from the search engine.
Content, content and content.
Good content is also another important factor when coming to seo. Most of the times, sites that appear at the tp of the google are those with good content and related keywords relevant to the search. Update your site frequently with such contents to attract more readers to your site.
SEO Link Building Secret

This is only applicable for those who own a wordpress blog. Use the link provided to post your link on blogs that are related to your keyword. This search query with show you blogs with Keyword-luv support. For those who dont know what keyword-luv support is, it is actually a wordpress plugin which helps people to find their relevant blogs that allow them to leave their keyword based comment. Click HERE!
This may be new to the new bloggers/writers out there, but this is VERY IMPORTANT terms that you have to know when you are trying to build backlinks to your site. 'Dofollow is simply asking the spiders to crawl'. 'Nofollow is simply asking the spiders not to crawl'.
Have you forgetten to include your title tags? Titles impact a big part on google searches, so be sure not to ignore its importance. Include the keywords that you want to rank well on in your searches, also including your own unrelevant blog names would decrease your chances of getting your keywords ranked, so dont do so.

SEO is important if you want to earn money from your site/articles. Getting ranked well in SEO means a potentially larger amount of people for your niche/site. It's not easy work though because there are many others who are working hard to improve their SEO positioning as well, but you got to work hard at it! So if you want to start increasing your traffic and earn money, start working hard on SEO now !


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    • paulkimelecu profile image

      paulkimelecu 7 years ago from philadelphia, pa


      I would love for my hubs to be read a lot so I am going to try some of these tricks. I think they will help a lot. Thanks!

    • Rockstarhobbo profile image

      Rockstarhobbo 7 years ago

      Yeah thanks ! Keywords and backlinks are very impportant steps in getting traffic successfully , hope this really helped you ! Cheers ! =)

    • Phillyfreeze69 profile image

      Phillyfreeze69 7 years ago

      Thanks for the seo tips and how to incorporate them into ones hubs. I'm still learning about keywords and backlinks. This hub was written with a lot of clarity that makes it an "easy' read. Thanks

    • Rockstarhobbo profile image

      Rockstarhobbo 7 years ago

      Lol I wonder how does it remind you of your friend ? But anyway thanks for the rating !

    • hypnodude profile image

      Andrea 7 years ago from Italy

      Another good hub, concise and to the point. A much needed style of writing with all those information going around. It reminds me of my friend enlightenedsoul. :)

      Rated up and useful.