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How to Increase Internet Speed

Updated on February 20, 2013

Internet Speed

There is lot of search among the people that how they can increase the speed of their internet connection. There are lot's of softwares some are paid others are free. But even if you don't want to use software to increase the internet speed. If you own a windows operating system then you can increase the speed of internet by knowing few simple steps ( though they are not simple if searched :) )

Ok,the real part, you feel that your internet speed is not that high or some thing is wrong with net speed. Here is the answer Microsoft has the right that it will reserve your 20% of your net speed for purposes like Microsoft updates, Firewalls, checking your pc for genuine windows or not etc etc. It is your bandwidth you must have it, after all you pay to ISP.

Here are the steps to Increase the Internet Speed

1. First, Click on Start.

2. Go to Run.

3. Type these same words " gpedit.msc". Note: Quotes should be removed when typing

4. Then you will see a window this is Group Policy window, actually group policy editor.

5. Now navigate to tab LOCAL COMPUTER POLICY.

6. Then you have to go to Computer Configuration.

7. After this go to Administrative Templates.

8. Its getting lengthy, lol, ok, go to Network.

9. Then QOS Packet Scheduler.

10. voila, you reached to Limit Reservable Bandwidth.

11. Open Limit Reservable Bandwidth.

12. A message will come that it is not configured.

13. Then from here move to Explain Tab.

14. Now you can see the truth.

15. From here you have to enable Reservable Bandwidth.

16. Put it to Zero (0).

17. This will force the system to reserve nothing rather it will come to default 20%.

18. If you have Home edition of windows then sorry people there is no group policy.


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