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How to Insert a Custom Signature in Blogger Posts

Updated on September 3, 2009

Before I explain how to insert a custom signature at the end of each of your blog posts, please note this is tutorial is only meant for users of Blogger. If you want to do this with Wordpress or something similar, you'll have to find a tutorial created by someone familiar with those platforms, as I don't use them. So, assuming that you're a Blogger blogger, let's first talk about why you might want a custom signature. The main reason that comes to mind is that they look pretty cool. The second reason would be that they do set your blog apart from other blogs, because there aren't too many people who use custom signatures. And the third reason would have to be because they are really quite easy to make and install! 

There are two methods which I find easy to use, but before I go into either one, let me first say that you will need to have your signature already prepared, as this tutorial isn't going to explain how to make one. All you need is a suitably sized graphic image (something around 160 x 70 pixels is about as big as I personally would go), be it a jpeg file or something similar, and host it somewhere free, like Once you've got it uploaded, you're ready for the steps below.

The Really Easy Way


Step 1.

Go to your Blogger Dashboard > Go to your Blog Settings > Go to Formatting > Scroll down to the Post Template box.

Step 2.

Insert this code into the box: <p><image class="centered"alt="post signature" src="sig URL" /></p>

Step 3.

Copy the url of your image and paste it into the code where you see the words "sig URL". For example, when you're done it should look something like this -- with the part in bold being the actual address of your own jpeg.

<br><p><image class="centered"alt="post signature" src="" /></p>

Things to Note:

If you use this method, the image will appear in your blogger control panel when you create your posts. You will see it there before you enter your text. While this is a very easy method, it's not the one I use for two reasons:

  • 1. If you accidentally delete the image while typing your post, you will have to close and start a new post to get the image back in there.

  • 2. The image will only show up in the posts you create from that moment forward, they will not show up in your previous posts.


The Way I Prefer

Before you try this, realize that you need to go into your blog's HTML template and adjust the code. If you don't know what that is, do not try this. Seriously -- if you don't know what HTML is, if you don't know how to change things in your template already, don't play with this because you can screw your entire blog up very easily if you make a small mistake. Right, for the rest of you, this is actually pretty easy going as far as changing the code:

Step 1: Access your template

(I'm not explaining how to get there, as those of you familiar with it will already know how to do it).

Step 2. Find this code:

<div class='post-body entry-content'> <data:post.body/> <div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats --> </div> <div class='post-footer'>

Step 3: Insert your image code (see bold) as follows:

<div class='post-body entry-content'> <data:post.body/> <div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats --> </div> <br><img src=''/></br> <div class='post-footer'>

Step 4: Preview and Save if you're happy with it.


Things to Note:

I added the <br> code because in the blog I was creating, it needed it. You may want to remove, or add additional, space as you see fit. This method will not have the signature appearing in the control panel, it will simply show up when you post. It will also show up in all the previous posts.


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