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How to Install Audio Driver

Updated on June 21, 2010

Locating Audio Drivers

Before you can install an audio driver you need  to find the most current, and more importantly, the proper driver for your specific device.  Locating the right driver can be a real problem.  I’ve personally spent hours trying to hunt down a specific driver.  Even if you know what you are looking for you may not find it very easily.  You can search and hope you find it swiftly or you can try an alternate method using an automatic driver update tool.  I will explain both methods in this hub.  Let’s get to it!

Manually Locating Drivers

The first option is the manual search.  Most of us try this first and heck, it feels good when we can fix our own computer.  Sometimes all goes well and we find what we need in a short time.  Unfortunately it’s not always the case and it takes what seems like forever to find something that works.  But, with enough patience and dedication you can usually find the right driver.

Before you start your search you are best off if you know a bit of information.  You should try to find out the manufacturer of your audio device and a model or serial number would be helpful.  If your audio device is integrated into your motherboard you could go with knowing the motherboard manufacturer and model instead.  Lacking that, use your computer manufacturer and model.

Now with this information you can do a few things.  First, I recommend visiting the manufacturer site.  They usually have a support section that will offer driver downloads.  If you can not locate it (sometimes these sites are confusing) you could try emailing their support team for help.  The other thing you can do is perform a Google search for your drivers.  Just search for the manufacturer and model and hopefully you will find a site that has the proper driver.  Be careful though, many 3rd party sites are misleading and may infect you with spyware or viruses.  For that reason alone I personally prefer using an automatic driver update tool, which I’ll discuss next.

Automatic Driver Update

This is by far the easiest and fastest way to update your drivers. I use one called Driver Detective. As a computer tech, I’ve tried all of the automatic driver update tools available and Driver Detective stands out among them all. It detects and updates more devices and with the latest drivers where others fail.

So how does it work? This tool will scan your system to identify all of the devices. Next it matches each device to the proper driver in it’s database. Then downloading the drivers is just a few simple clicks and you’re done. You will literally have your entire system’s drivers up to date in a few minutes.

If you would like to try out automatic driver updates to see how much time and frustration it can save you, Driver Detective offers a free scan. So go ahead and download the tool and try it out for yourself. You won’t regret it.

>>Get Your Free Driver Scan<<

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