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How to Install Sound Driver

Updated on June 21, 2010
Still Running Old Sound Drivers?
Still Running Old Sound Drivers?

When to Install Sound Driver

When you install a new software application , install updates for old software or perform windows recommended updates; your sound driver may stop functioning properly.  If you are experiencing receiving no sound, distorted sound output , no sound in specific applications or even application or system crashing; it is a good idea to update your sound drivers.

Locating Your Sound Driver

First off, it is preferable to know the manufacturer and model of your sound card or if you have an integrated sound card, your motherboard.  Once you have this information you can try visiting the manufacter website and look for a support section.  There is often a driver download section here.

But let’s be realistic, you may not know the manufacturer or model of your sound card or motherboard.  Without this information, locating the proper sound driver can be a real hassle. You could try opening the computer case and searching for serial numbers on your components and cross referencing this information but many are not comfortable doing that.  In this case I recommend an alternate solution, which to many is the preferred method of updating drivers, automatic driver update tools.

Finding Sound Drivers the Easy Way

To save yourself a lot of time and frustration with updating your sound driver I recommend using an automatic driver update tool.  What these tools do is run a scan on your system which identifies your hardware and then matches the detected hardware with the proper driver in their database.  Once the driver is located, downloading is as simple as a few mouse clicks.

Of course not all automatic driver udpate tools are created equal.  The oldest and most respected tool is called Driver Detective. As a computer tech, I have used many of these tools and this is the one I have found to work the best.  Many others do not keep their database up to date so you may get older drivers which will not solve current issues.

Driver Detective offers a free scan which you can use to test your system for driver updates.  I’m sure you will be surprised at the number of outdated drivers it detects on your system. It is recommended that software and drivers are kept up to date to maximize your computers performance and security.

>> Scan Your Computer For Driver Updates <<

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