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How to Install Video in computer and website - Step by step guide

Updated on September 10, 2014

U-matic Video tape Analog

U-matic Analog Video tape commonly used in recent past. Author grm_wnr, Under GNU free documentation license
U-matic Analog Video tape commonly used in recent past. Author grm_wnr, Under GNU free documentation license | Source
Fate of videotape ubt
Fate of videotape ubt | Source

How to install Video?

Videos are very popular nowadays. Technical and technological advancements encouraged people to shoot, install, upload and display videos. Video cassettes were very popular in recent past which are replaced by CDs and then by DVDs. Videos provide us with vivid description of an event. People use videos for various purposes such as entertainment, learning, news, advertisement etc.

It is easy to install a video nowadays. There are several tools available in the internet space to install a video.

The next question comes where do you want to install a video? Do you want to install it in your personal computer (PC) or in a web site or web page? Do you want to install it in Hub pages? Installing a video is similar to "upload a Video" or "Save a video" for laymen. However, Installing is technically different from Uploading and saving a Video.

I will discuss Uploading and saving a video as synonyms to install a video because the purpose of writing this hub article is to solve difficulties of the common men. This hub is not intended to computer and internet experts.

Let us start with an option of installing videos in Hub pages. Hubpages provide simple tool to install videos in your hubs. To install videos in your hub, just go to edit mode of that hub and click the video capsule button at the upper right corner of your hub. It will install a video capsule in your hub.

Click "edit" in video capsule and it will be opened. You will see capsule subtitle at the top. Fill this up with relevant sub title. There is "Video URL or Embed Code" at the center of this capsule. Post URL or Embed code to that place. Click "Preview video" and see whether your desired video is appearing or not. In most of the cases it appears in a moment. If not, check your URL or Embed code and re post it.

Hubpages support Videos from You tube, Google, Yahoo. Metacafe, Blip TV, Revver and Vimeo sites for installing Video in your Hubs. You can add as many Videos as you wish to your hubs. Remember that you have to use separate Video capsules to install each video.

Copy and save a video in your PC

If you want to install a video or videos in your personal computer (PC) from external sources you can do it by copying it through external devices such as camera, DVD or Pan drive. After copying a video or videos just save it in your PC. That's all.

If you want to edit a video you can use software like Microsoft movie maker or Adobe dream waver. You can save your video in your PC after editing it.

How to upload video to you tube

Uploading Video in You tube

Some video sites such as you tube, Google, Yahoo, Metacafe etc provide uploading facilities to their members. Users can upload their videos free of cost in these sites after signing up and signing in.

You tube is a famous video site which allows its members to upload their videos. One can upload unlimited numbers of videos in you tube free. You tube also share revenue in several countries with video installers.

How to upload video in you tube?

It is easy to upload videos in you tube. You will see Upload button just below the sign in button in you tube. C

1. Click this button

2. Click upload video

3. Browse from your computer

4. Click open your video

Your video will start uploading in you tube. Now write down title, description, tags, category and privacy and finally press upload video. You can also map your video in you tube.

You can similarly upload videos in other sites. However, there are slight differences in uploading processes in other video sites. Metacafe and some other video uploading sites allow videos embedding from other sites.

You tube and some other video sites allow to download videos in your PC. They also allow embedding these videos in most of the cases in your webpages or blogs. You can easily save, install and run these videos in your computer.

Videos in you tube

How to properly upload video in you tube


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