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How to Install WordPress Easily

Updated on December 22, 2011

Install Your WordPress Blog

You must be "wet on your ears" to have searched this hub on how to install WordPress. You are spot on.

How do you install WordPress? You have two options. If you are hard on the money, are starting out and just want a blog running, one option is for you to sign up for a WordPress blog account at This option is easy, quick and free. You can be up and running in a few minutes.

If you have some spare cash and are looking to grow bald in the blogging or online business (ooops, not really!), the better option is for you to buy your own domain name, say, from, as well as a hosting account, say, from

Why is this the best option? Why is this not? You own your own domain and that means you have control over your blog. Who would want to wake up one day and see that all hard work has been zapped by an overzealous moderator?

Certainly, you pay an annual fee to own a domain and a monthly or annual fee for hosting services to have your domain go live but it is all worth it.

Once you install your WordPress blog under your own account, not only do you have a virtual space to share yourself to the world; you open up doors to wondrous opportunities yet unknown to you.

Ways to Install WordPress

You can install WordPress in two very different ways, automatically or manually.

1) Install WordPress automatically.

You install WordPress automatically through your control panel or cpanel. This process of intalling WordPress is technically more challenging especially for newbies but it is a more secure route.

To install WordPress, you need Fantastico - an automated WordPress installation feature - that is usually included in your hosting account if you have a cpanel. (HostGator, a web hosting company, provides a cpanel with Fantastico.)

When logged in at your cpanel, scroll down to the Softwares/Services section and click on Fantastico De Luxe that shows up with a smiley icon. You then click on WordPress under the category "Blogs".

Press "New Installation". From the drop down menu under installation location, choose the domain that you wish to install WordPress on

If you wish your domain to be found at the root directory or the first or topmost directory, leave it blank. If you wish your blog to be located at, type in the word "blog" (without quotes).

Type in a username and password to give yourself admin access. You may provide your admin nickname, admin email, site name and description.

Click the "install WordPress" button at the bottom and presto! You complete the install WordPress process.

Just a reminder to save on precious time: make sure to bookmark the login page so that logging in on your website to post your blog is a breeze.

How to Install WordPress Automatically Using Cpanel

2) Install WordPress manually.

Installing WordPress manually is quick and easy but is a bit tricky and may be vulnerable to hackers and spammers.

To install WordPress manually, go to and download the WordPress software. You unzip the compressed file and follow verbatim the instructions at website on how to install WordPress.

You will then have to rename the files, integrate these files into your domain, and run the install scripts. It is best to have a File Transfer Protocol or FTP client ready to make the process of installing WordPress faster and smoother. (Then again, using the FTP can be technically challenging to newbies.)

With either processes, there are birth pains involved and even when you have managed to successfully install WordPress, the challenges never go away. They just keep getting better.

How to Install WordPress Manually Using FTP


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