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How to Install a Java Software Development Kit

Updated on January 14, 2013

JRE or JDK ?

You must have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run Java applications and applets in your system, and if you want to develop a Java application or applets you should need a Java Development Kit (JDK) which include the JRE

How do i install it ?

First of all you can get the Java Development Kit or JRE from Oracle Technology Network

Okay now you have installed the Installer make sure it is completely downloaded and what you are having is a corrupted file, or if you have a self-executable file make sure it has the same bit size provided on the download page.

If you are running on 32-bit system the executable file for JDK will be of the form jdk-7<version-name>-windows-i586-i.exe , or if you want it installed on a 64-bit operating system it would be of the form jdk-7<version>-windows-x64.exe. Run the installer as administrator (right click->run as administrator) and follow the instructions in it, and the the final step you will be asked to reboot your system

You also have an option to install the JDK silently, that is you can install it in a non interactive manner using command line arguments. The command lines required for doing that is listed bellow

  • Install the public JRE in silent mode:
jdk.exe /s
  • Install development tools and source code in silent mode but not the public JRE:
jdk.exe /s ADDLOCAL="ToolsFeature,SourceFeature"
  • Install development tools, source code, and the public JRE in silent mode
jdk.exe /s ADDLOCAL="ToolsFeature,SourceFeature,PublicjreFeature"
  • Install the public JRE in the specified directory C:\test\ in silent mode
jdk.exe /s /INSTALLDIRPUBJRE=C:\test\

How do i Uninstall JDK ?

If you are uncomfortable with JDK and feels like uninstalling it any time you can go to Control panel > Add/Remove program and click on Java Software Development Kit and click the uninstall button

If you want to run and test your Java programs without installing JDK or JRE you can read my previous post about Online Interpreters and Compilers


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