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How to Install a Video Card on a Computer

Updated on July 5, 2012

Installing a video card

Before installing a new video card, you need to make sure that it is compatible with the drivers. For example, if you are about to install an AGP card on a motherboard which does not have an Intel chipset, you should install a GART driver before installing the video card. When you are ready to physically install the new video card, do the following:

  • Disconnect your monitor and other cables, and then carry the system over to a well-lit area. Take away the case access panels and clean the system.
  • Remove the screw that keeps the old video card close to the chassis, release the retention mechanism and pull the card out. If you are only upgrading the video card, then align it with the motherboard video slot to see which slot cover you will need to remove.
  • Take away the slot cover. Remove the screw from the adjacent lost if necessary in order to remove the cover. Slide the rear bracket of the video card inside; see that the external connectors clear the edges of the slot. Then align the connector on the video card with the AGP slow, press the card down until it snaps into the slot.
  • Make sure that the card is really inside the video slot, and the base of the card is parallel to the slot. Then make sure that the retention mechanism is aligned to the corresponding notch on the video card – snap it into the place once the card is seated. If you are planning to remove the adapter later on, don’t forget to press tabs to unlock the retaining bracket, before pulling the card out.
  • When you put the video adapter in, insert a screw through the bracket into the chassis.
  • Put the access panels back, and place the system back to its original location. Plug in all the cables and turn the computer on. Now, you should get your video card manual with the instructions how to install and configure the drivers or any other software that the adapter needs.


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