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How to Install phpBB Forum Software on your Web Server

Updated on January 4, 2012

phpBB is one of popular forum software which can use to create a community. So let’s see how to install this free forum software on your web server.

First of all your web server should meet following minimum requirements to install phpBB3.

  • PHP 4.3.3 or greater
  • A database system, such as MySQL 3.23 or greater version(MySQLi supported) or PostgreSQL 7.3 or greater version

Steps to install the phpBB3 software

Create a new database using your web hosting control panel .

Download the compressed install file to your computer from the official phpBB web site.

Extract it and upload the files to the root directory of your server or to the desired sub directory via file transfer protocol (ftp) using a ftp software such as filezilla.

Type the url of your web site in your web browser and hit the enter button. If you uploaded the files to a subdirectory you should use the corresponding url. If you uploaded the files to the root directory url will be like or if you uploaded them to a sub directory url will be like

You will see the introduction page as shown below.

Click the “install” tab to continue the installation.

Now click the “proceed to next step” button

Now click the “start install” button

Now you should give the details of the database which you created before.

Database type: select the database type

Database server hostname or DSN : Normally this will be “localhost”, if you don’t know it exactly, contact your web hosting provider.

Database Name: Enter the database name which you created in earlier step.

Database Username: Enter the database user name here

Database password : Enter the password of the database here

Prefix for tables in database database : Leave it as phpbb_ and phpBB installation will create database tables with this prefix

Then click “proceed to next step” button.

Click the “proceed to next step” button.

Now you can give the administrator account details.

Default Board language: Select the default language for your forum from the drop down menu

Administrator Username: Enter the administrator username you wish to use here

Administrator Password: Enter the administrator password you wish to use here

Confirm administrator Password: Reenter the administrator password here

Contact e-mail addresss: Enter your e-mail address here

Confirm contact e-mail: Reenter your e-mail address here

Then click “proceed to next step” button.

Click “proceed to next step” button.

Click “proceed to next step” button

Now you can edit advanced settings. But it is not a must. You can edit them via administrator control panel later. Click “proceed to next step” button.

Now database tables will be created. Then click “proceed to next step” button.

Now you are in the final step. Click the “Log in” button to log in to administrator control panel.

Now You will be asked to send statistical information to the phpBB site. You can either send statistical information to them by clicking send statistical information button or return to administrator control panel by clicking “Return to the ACP if you do not wish to send statistical information to phpBB” option.

Delete the install directory form the phpBB installation files via ftp.

Congratulations! You installed phpBB3 forum software successfully on your web server.

Administrator Control Panel
Administrator Control Panel
phpBB is a trademark of phpBB Limited


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