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How to Jailbreak iPhone 3gs on iOS 6 in few easy steps.

Updated on January 23, 2015
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How to jailbreak iPhone 3gs

How to jailbreak iPhone 3gs running iOS 6
How to jailbreak iPhone 3gs running iOS 6

How to perform untethered jailbreak of iPhone 3gs on iOS 6

In this article I am going to show you how to jailbreak iPhone 3gs or for that matter any i-Devices on iOS 6 by using ‘Evasion’ app. This jailbreak will be untethered and will not require your device to be connected to the computer each time you reboot.

You must have often heard people talk about jail-breaking various Apple devices but you probably don’t really know what it means or how the whole thing works. Many people have a very limited understanding of what jail-breaking is and believe that the whole process can make their phones unusable. The truth is that jail-breaking any iOS device is a very simple process and it won’t cause any harm to your iPhone functionality and even if something goes wrong, you can simply reverse it back to factory settings and use it as normal.

If you are a user of iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s and have upgraded your device to iOS 6, then it is no more a difficult task for you to perform an untethered jailbreak on your iPhone using a proper tool. In fact, the actual process of jail-breaking an iOS device is no longer as challenging a task as it used to be as long as you know what tools are to be used and you follow all the steps correctly. Nevertheless, jail-breaking an older version of the phone such as iPhone 3GS or 4 is easier than attempting to jail-break the latest iPhone 5. Before I go to show you how to Jailbreak 3gs or other i-Devices on iOS 6 let me first explain exactly what jail-breaking is.

What is Jail-breaking?

In short, Jail-breaking is the process of freeing your iPhone of all restrictions set by Apple on the phone iOS. This normally includes modifying underlying iPhone software to unlock various hidden features to enable you to accept third-party apps, games and so on outside Apple approved apps. A Jail-broken iPhone allows user to install any applications, programs or games that come from outside of Apple’s Store. Although Jail-breaking an iOS is not illegal, Apple has declared that it will void your warranty if your iPhone is jail-broken. For many people one of the main reasons to jailbreak an iPhone is to remove all limitations imposed by Apple to get access to Cydia, which is a special app marketplace, a bit like the App Store, but not owned by Apple.

How to Jailbreak iPhone 3gs using Evasion?

Now, that it’s clear what Jail-break is and why iPhone users are going for Jail-breaking their devices, let’s take a closer look at the main steps need to be taken in order to untethered Jailbreak your iPhone 3gs on iOS 6 using Evasion.

The basic requirements.

a. Your device must be running a version of iOS 6 (iOS 6.0/iOS 6.0.1/iOS 6.0.2/iOS 6.1/6.1.2) for the jailbreak to work. If you are running an earlier version of iOS, update your device using iTunes before running the Jailbreak program;

b. The program works on all iOS devices except for Apple TV 1 and Apple TV 2;

c. Backup your device using iTunes (or iCloud) so that you can always restore everything if anything goes wrong;

Steps to follow to jailbreak your iPhone 3gs on iOS 6

1. Download and install Evasion Jailbreak for your OS (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Steps on how to jailbreak iPhone 3gs
Steps on how to jailbreak iPhone 3gs

2. Double Click the app or Right Click Run As Administrator (if on a windows machine);

3. Disable pass-code of your device, if enabled. To do this go to Settings>General>Passcode Lock>Turn it off;

4. Plug in your device to the computer and wait for the software to automatically detect it;

5. Once detected the Jailbreak button will become active;

6. Click on Jailbreak button and let the process start;

7. The Jailbreak app will perform several steps which you can track from the messages on screen;

8. Wait for the message asking you to unlock your device;

9. Unlock your device by sliding the slider and a ‘Jailbreakicon will appear on the home screen. Just tap on the icon and the jailbreak will continue. The screen will go black for a while, while the process continues;

10. When all the process is complete, a “done” message will appear. Your device will auto reboot and will take a while to boot up, which is normal;

11. When done, your device will display a large Evasion logo and flash various status messages;

12. After reboot, some more messages will be flashed on the screen informing you about few concluding processes;

13. Once all these are done, you will be taken to the unlock screen of your device;

14. If the process gets stuck somewhere, it's safe to restart the program, reboot the device (if necessary by holding down Power and Home until it shuts down), and rerun the process;

Your iPhone 3gs is now untethered jail-broken with Evasion. You can now unlock your device and get access to Cydia, the special app marketplace and enjoy your jail-broken device.


Now that you know how to Jailbreak iPhone 3gs or any other i-Devices on iOS 6 with Evasion app, few important things need to be brought up here for prior information. As already mentioned, Apple has warned that jail-broken iPhones shall lose their warranty. However, if required, you can avoid this by resetting the phone back to factory settings. In some rare cases jail-broken iPhones become slow or unstable, increase risk of malicious software attacks due to use of third party apps and consume battery power much quicker than normal. These side-effects might sound bad at first, but you need not worry about them. There’s a very simple way to fix all of the above problems. Just connect your phone to iTunes, reset it as a new device and download your backup settings (from backup made earlier).

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