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How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Facebook

Updated on July 7, 2016
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Max holds a B.S. in Mass Communications from SIU and an M.A. in Communication from U of I and is pursuing an MBA from Webster University.


When someone blocks your profile on Facebook, you don't get any kind of notification -- that person just vanishes from your Facebook life. That's why the moment you notice that someone who used to appear in your list of friends, and whose Facebook profile you used to be able to see, is suddenly missing or no longer visible to you can be cause for alarm. If you haven't spoken to the person in years, or if you recently had a fallout with that person, being blocked may not come as a shock, but if there was no catalyst for a Facebook breakup, you may want to do some digging around to see if the person in question just blocked you, went on a blocking spree, or temporarily or permanently deleted his Facebook account. Alternatively, you could just ask that specific person, but where's the fun in that.

Facebook came online in 2004 and as of May 2012 has more than 1 billion users.
Facebook came online in 2004 and as of May 2012 has more than 1 billion users. | Source

Search for that Friend

Perform a search for the friend in question using the Search bar at the top of your Facebook page. Enter your friend's name in the Search box and then click the magnifying glass on the right side of the Search box. A list of search results appears on the next screen. If you don't see the specific person you're searching for, try using some of the available search filters on the left side of the search results page to narrow your search. For example, if you select "People" from the available search filters, you can narrow the search based on where the person you're looking for may have lived, went to school or worked. If you can't find the specific person you're looking for after attempting to narrow your search, it's highly likely that user either deactivated his account (either temporarily or permanently) or blocked you. Alternatively, that person may also operate under a different name on Facebook.

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Check with Shared Friends

Get in touch with people you know who were common friends on Facebook and see if they can still see that user's Facebook account. If that person can see that person's Facebook account, you've been blocked; if that person just unfriended you, you'd still be able to see their profile in a search for that person on Facebook. However, if the common friend is also not seeing that individual's account, he may have temporarily deactivated his account, which is common after someone hacks into an account, reviewing all of the information on the account or making major changes to their information.

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Wall History

If you can reach back and try and remember another comment thread on Facebook that you distinctly remember that person commenting on, go back and take a look at it. If that person has blocked you, you'll still be able to see the comment that they left, but you won't be able to see their name of their profile picture, as those are now hidden from you -- because that person has officially blocked you on Facebook.

Use Google

When everything else fails, turn to Google. Navigate to Google and type the person's name in question, then type Facebook in quotes and then conduct a search. Start clicking through the Facebook results that come up for that name. This is an ideal way to search for Facebook user's because while you can be blocked by that user from finding them while searching for them within Facebook, if that person's profile is public, their profile should be one of the results listed in a Google search. Again, this only works if that person's profile is public and note private, so if a user's profile doesn't turn up, it doesn't mean that Facebook profile has been deactivated, it just means that it's private.

Ask Them

This is going to be tough, but if you don't know by this point whether or not someone has blocked you on Facebook, the only way you'll definitely know is to ask them. Maybe that person didn't actually block you, but rather they got tired of Facebook and decided to deactivate their profile for a while, which can give people the impression that they've been blocked or un-friended.

© 2012 Max Dalton


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