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How to Link Different Google Adsense and Analytics Accounts?

Updated on August 11, 2013


Adsense and Analytics can be interconnected. But using different accounts can cause problems in mining information and elegance. This post talks on a tip that can link up Adsense and Analytics which are based on two different accounts. The advantage of such a link up is you can view reports on your content pages that bring Adsense revenue.

Before we proceed, your basic doubt will be on how to link up Google Analytics and Adwords, if both are of same accounts. I will talk about this in another hub. As I said earlier, it is important to integrate both accounts so that you can track the ad performance in the form of CTR, CPM, revenue etc of individual pages of your blog without the hiccups of Adsense channels.

For the purpose of understanding we will talk about both the Google accounts as (mine is kari*** and is ram*** representing the respective tools. Now your main objective is to integrate both the accounts so that you can view the reports from the same dashboard.

The following are the steps to combine both the accounts.

Step 1. Login to your Google Analytics dashboard using your existing Google Account (

Step 2. Create a new user in Google Analytics from the User Manager. Set this user’s email address the same as your existing AdSense account ( and select the Access type as “Account Administrator.”

I added my Google Adsense account( ram*** as Administrator to the Analytics Dashboard (karr*** Now you can easily login to your GA account and see the reports pertaining to blog pages.

Now you can visualize which page of your website is performing well. You can view different details like the below.

  • The amount of Adsense revenue that particular page generated.
  • The number of Adsense Ads clicked on that page.
  • The CTR and eCPM values for that page.
  • The number of Adsense Ads viewed on the page and Adsense Page Impressions. The difference between these two is that if you have more than 1 ad on a page, you will have more Ads viewed than impressions.

Finally, as per the above instructions you can simply integrate different Google Adsense and Analytics accounts without any hitch. Sometimes you might have already linked up with another GA account in your Adsense section. Then, you need to unlink those accounts before you link up any other account. Please comment in the comments, how your process of integrating different GA and Adsense accounts went and any problems you faced.


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    • profile image

      Sunith Babu L 2 years ago

      Thanks this help me to integrate my account ...

    • profile image

      Prathima Vashikeri 3 years ago

      Thank you for your valuable information. Now I easily integrate my GA with Google adsense account