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How to Load Quicken Onto Portable Drives

Updated on October 14, 2014

Putting financial management program Quicken onto a portable drive allows you to bring it back and forth between work and home computers and to backup Quicken files. As an added bonus, you ensure the privacy of your financial data, since it's always in your hands. Load Quicken onto a portable drive (such as a flash drive) either via instant download or from your CD. With a single Quicken license, you can install the program on two computers plus a portable drive.


Slide a flash drive into a USB port on your computer.

Insert your Quicken startup CD into your computer. To properly install the software onto the portable flash drive, you'll need a Quicken software key, which comes when you purchase the program.

Alternately, search your desktop to find out where your Quicken download is. It will have the extension ".EXE." Double-click on the file to prompt the installer.

Wait for the CD or download installer to prompt you automatically. When asked where you want to install Quicken, select "Browse" and search the the flash drive. Do not install it onto your computer's hard drive.

Select "OK" when you are finished then wait for the installer to work.

Quit the installer when you finish. Then drag the icon of the flash drive into your computer's Recycle Bin and manually pull the flash drive out of your computer.


  • If you're installing a downloaded version of Quicken, there's no security key. When downloading, you create a user identification and password that acts as a security key. For example, you can download a backup copy (since you get three installations with one license), but you'll need to give the user identification and password when doing so.
  • Quicken needs to install some files to Windows to run properly, according to Komando. To ensure the program functions fully, use Quicken on a computer (so it can function correctly) and use the portable drive as a backup for Quicken and Quicken data files.


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