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How to Maintain a Good Blog or Weblog

Updated on November 15, 2012

Blogging hasn’t lost its appeal in the Internet until this day. Blogging is one way of expressing one’s thoughts, opinions and insights about anything. It is also a way of earning decent income once your blog site accrues page ranking and traffic. A blog site will earn through reviews and advertisements (like Adsense, Chikita and among others).


Here is how to maintain a good blog or weblog:

  • Credibility is of essence in blogging and never tarnish your image online. Avoid engaging in unscrupulous activities like hacking, spamming and scamming. If you did some harm on people online they may write a blog against you that will certainly destroy your reputation.
  • Pounce on key tags and key phrases that offer lesser competition. Many bloggers employs the 3% key word density.
  • Make an original, high-quality, compelling and thought-provoking blogs to help your blog site earn page ranking and traffic. Content is the king online and keep this on mind.
  • Whip up Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to index your blogs fast in various search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and earn juice links to help your blog site garner page ranking or maintain earned page ranking.
  • Avoid using Black Hat SEO, Google’s recent sentinels like Panda already unmasked this and already meted out penalty on millions of webpages and blog sites worldwide.
  • Update your blogs often as much as possible every week. The various search engines give credit to those sites that have fresh contents. You can update your blogs by correcting past errors, inserting new pictures or video clips, and introducing new contents that will make them become more relevant and informative. Moreover, updating often will also boost the Alexa rating of your blog site.
  • Do not plagiarize; doing this will inevitably penalize your blog site.
  • See to it that you have a wholesome blog site to avoid penalty. Avoid inserting links to your blog site that will lead to porn site or medical sites that sell questionable drugs.
  • Avoid high bounce rate. High bounce rate will imply that the visitors of blog site will just stay for a short time and will quickly look for other contents or web sites online.
  • Avoid typographical errors, faulty grammar and misspellings as much as possible. See to it that your blogs are readable so that your readers will enjoy your write-ups, will stay on your pages for a longer time and will come back to read more in the coming days.
  • Insert maps, pictures (original as much as possible otherwise make an attribution if you borrow images on the web), tables and video clips on your blogs to make it look nice to the viewers.
  • Do not bombard your blogs with advertisements this might discourage readers.
  • Do not use videos or pictures that flash this will just discourage readers.
  • Only link your blogs to related topics.

Thanks a lot for the read!

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