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How to Make A Windows Batch File Loop, Sleep or Delay For Specific Interval of Time

Updated on September 22, 2013

In this hub I'm going to explain how to create a loop inside a batch program and how to make a batch program sleep or delay itself for a specific interval of time.

loop is exited when x becomes 0
loop is exited when x becomes 0 | Source

How to create a loop inside batch file

To create a loop inside the batch file all we got to do is use a label and use a goto statement.



rem The code to be executed

goto labelname

don't forget to use a ":" before the label name, and the code to be repeated or looped should be placed between the label and the goto label part.

To exit the loop we can set conditions using an if statement

Here is an example batch program to run a loop ten times

Batch file to Run a Loop 10 times

@echo off
set /a x=0


echo Loop number -^>%x%

set /a x=%x%+1

if %x% NEQ 10 goto loopname


Parameter List

timeout Specifies the number of seconds to wait. Valid range is -1 to 99999 seconds.
Ignore key presses and wait specified time
Displays this help message.
NOTE: A timeout value of -1 means to wait indefinitely for a key press

How to Make a Batch program Delay or Sleep

To make our batch program delay or wait we make use of the function Timeout

This utility accepts a timeout parameter to wait for the specified
time period (in seconds) or until any key is pressed. It also
accepts a parameter to ignore the key press.



@echo off
rem Batch file for delaying

timeout /t 5
echo Time out with parameter /t (time out)

timeout /t 3 /nobreak
echo Time out with parameter /t (time out) and /nobreak

timeout /t -1
echo Timeout indefinitely till a key press

using parameters /T, /NOBREAK ans /t -1
using parameters /T, /NOBREAK ans /t -1 | Source

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How to perform delay using a loop ?

In older versions of Windows, the command prompt wont support the Timeout function. So to if we want to delay the cmd or our commands we can use a loop to achieve that or the ping option

if you are using a ping option all you have to do is add

ping -n 1 -w 10000 > nul

  • The -w 10000 part specifies the desired timeout in milliseconds.
  • The -n 1 part tells ping that it should only tries once (normally it'd try 4 times).
  • The > nul part is appended so the ping command doesn't output anything to screen.

if you want to use a loop just use

set count=300


set /a count=%count%-1

if %count% NEQ 0 goto loop

  • use this code snippet were you want to delay the bat file
  • change the value of the count in the first line depednig on the time delay required
  • if condition checks wether the value inside the variabe count is 0 or not, if the value is not zero it will again go to loop
  • when the count becomes 0 it will execute the rest of the program

© 2013 Athul M R


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    • Michelg77 profile image

      Michel Gambier 3 months ago from Melun

      great article! will study it and leave back a better comment

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      Alkun Hacker From Indonesia 3 years ago

      Simple And Work

      This Delay 5 Mnt

      @echo off


      And Put your syntax here



    • profile image

      a salted peanut. 3 years ago

      I would like to make an infinite loop to open a new instance of cmd and run a selected code, but it must open a number of cmds. So in other words it must call another bat file in a new cmd

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      Athul M R 4 years ago from Calicut, Kerala, INDIA

      Bhuvanesh Thanks for you positive feedback =)

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      bhuvanesh 4 years ago

      rly useful....gud wrk bro..........:)