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How to Make Your IPhone 5 into a Personal Hotspot

Updated on August 3, 2013

The Main Iphone 5 Screen

Settings | Source

The Basic Setup of a Wifi Hub

I just bought a new Iphone 5 and coming from the andriod market I wasn't sure how to turn my phone into a wifi hub. After searching online I was getting some directions but I kept missing step here or there.

Creating a personal wifi hub is an important use that i need while commuting via train everyday. It allows me to leave work on time and finish up any remaining work before I get home, leaving my evenings free for my family and friends.

Steps to Turn Off Hot Spot

Iphone 5 Personal Hot Spot
Personal Hotspot

Iphone 5 Personal Hot Spot / Wifi

Step 1 : Personal Wifi Set-up

From the main screen select the Settings button. This will take you into the settings area of the phone.

This is one of those buttons that you can move where ever you like but you can't delete.

Step 2 : Personal Wifi Set-up

Once you are in the settings area of the phone locate General

Notice that on my phone the personal wifi appears at that top because I have already set mine up. Once you have used it yours will appear there too. It will not appear there until you have gone into the settings and activate it. Also make sure that you have a wifi hub as part of your data plan, data charges still apply so make sure to track your data usage.

Step 3 : Personal Wifi Set-up

Once you are in the General settings area select Cellular.

Cellular will take you to the cellular menu that gives you options about the cellular usage of your phone

As lone as you are already in this menu check to make sure you agree with the other setting for cellular here. I personally have no need for itunes to access my cellular network. I make most of my itunes purchases from my home computer or while at home, this does help me from accidentally purchasing something.

Personal Wifi
Personal Wifi | Source

Step 4: Personal Wifi Set-up

You are now in the personal hotspot set up area. You can toggle to turn it on and off. You can connect your device or computer using three different methods.

Change the passwords as you see fit, you might want to set up some of your allowable devices. I personally try to keep my setting secure so that some stranger next to me on the train isn't stealing all my bandwidth.

Connect Via Bluetooth - you can pair the devices via bluetooth to connect. This may take some additional step to pair the devices if they have never been paired before.

Connect Via Wifi - you will need to use the password that is shown on this screen in order to set up your wifi from your other device.

Connect via USB cable - you can connect your computer via cable to have a direct connection and help keep your phones charges while you work. This is a good method if you laptop is plugged in and you don't want anyone else accessing your personal wifi hot spot.

Connecting the Device

Connect to Personal Hot Spot
USB Cable


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