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How to Make a CMD Beep Sound With Your CMD Program

Updated on March 7, 2013

Its always better to show some error message along with a beep sound in any place so that it grabs more attention.

If you have a batch program that ask user to input a number smaller than 10 and if the user enters a value more than ten (or any such exceptions) then it will display some error message along with a beep alert , wouldn't it be cooler ?

Just want to make a Beep sound ?

Go to start, type in CMD or COMMAND in the run (open the command prompt)

then then press Ctrl and G (Ctrl+G) beep!!!

How to make Beep alert in your batch file ?

If you tried typing ^G in the place were you need a beep, it would never work. To insert a warning beep alert in your batch file you need to follow the instruction given below.

Step 1: Create a file using copy con and use "echo " (select all the letters inside the quotes, even that space)

copy con beep.bat
@echo off
echo (press Ctrl+G)
(press Ctrl+Z)

Done now type beep and the CMD will beep.

Step 2: A new text file will be created "beep.bat" open it with a text editor and copy echo • (don't copy from here)

Step 3: place it in your program where you want the beep alert and save it

That's it, next time you run you batch file it will create a beep noise, you can increase the number of beeps by copying and pasting that back dot multiple time

Did you try this before ?

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    • profile image

      china 13 months ago

      It is not work!

    • profile image

      root 3 years ago

      In notepad use ALT + 7

      7 being on the right of the keyboard. This is the code for ctrl + g.