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How to Make a Custom iGoogle Theme

Updated on July 15, 2010

One of the most widely used home pages on the internet is Google's iGoogle page. This page is essentially a customized start page that contains "modules" of information. Every user's page can be different and reflects the web sites and services they use the most. iGoogle is convenient because it is accessible from any computer in the world just by logging on with a Google Account. One of iGoogle's features is the ability to apply themes to the home page to create a unique and personalized view. There are thousands of pre-made themes that are available to use. However, some users want to create their own, which is what this article will talk about.

To make a custom iGoogle theme, simply log in to iGoogle. If you haven't already set up your iGoogle page, the default Google theme will be displayed. Near the top, click the link that says "change theme from [name of your current theme]."

Next, click the link that says "more options" in the small window that appears.

On the new page that loads, look on the right-hand side. There is a link that says "Try Now" under "Create your own theme." Click that link.

You'll now be taken to Google's iGoogle Theme Creator page. It's quite simple to use, and doesn't have an incredible amount of functionality, but the process is simple and effective. To begin, simply upload an image. This image will become the main background behind your search bar. It should be about 350 - 450 pixels tall and fairly wide, especially since most monitors these days are wide. I would say at least 1000 pixels wide. Remember that if you don't choose an image that is as wide as your screen, Google will fill in the remaining white space with a solid color.

Once you select an image, scroll down and choose some colors. At the top of the page, iGoogle will display a live preview of what your page looks like. (Note: on Chrome, I experienced some scrolling issues that prevented me from being able to see the bottom of the page where you select colors. To get around this, just click TAB a bunch of times until it scrolls the page down.)

Once you're finished, you can click "Add theme details," name your theme and offer your name. Now, you can use your theme and others can find it in the theme gallery. Custom themes are great for people who want to add a bit more personalization to their iGoogle page.

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