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How to Make a Good Looking Landing Page With Blogger

Updated on May 18, 2015

What is

Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows a user to create his own site or blog for free. Anyone can use it as long as you abide with the terms and service. You can create a professional looking site with the help of custom templates and widgets. But, in this article we will focus more on creating a nice looking landing page using the blogger platform. logo logo | Source

What is a Landing Page?

In affiliate marketing, a landing page, or sometimes known as a "lead capture page", is a single web page that appears after a user clicks on a search engine optimized search result or in an online advertisement. The landing page usually provides a user with a direct sales approach. This involves using pictures, videos, testimonies, and etc. of a product or service.

Affiliate marketers use a landing page to get potential buyers to a product or service they are promoting. A good landing page will greatly impact the user's impression of the product. A crappy landing page might turn away customers, but a good one will usually give you a lead..

There are different kinds of product and services that can be promoted but creating a landing page for each one is usually generic. This means that a landing page might contains the same elements that can be used to different products.

Basic Elements of Good Landing Page

1. The product or service - This is one we are going to promote in the landing page. Affiliates must be very clear to what kind of product they are offering to the visitor.

2. Pictures, videos, testimonies of the product - Affiliates must provide clear pictures of the product. A good landing page usually contain two or more pictures depending on type of product that is being promoted. Some might even have videos or testimonies of other people that are using the product. You can also include reviews to make the visitors mind at ease. Just make sure that the reviews you are posting are legit and came from real people that used the product or service.

3. The link to the product or service - A landing page is not called a landing page if there is no link or contact form for the user to get into. This is where the potential customer clicks into, or fills up a form to get into the sales page of your product.

Example of a landing page
Example of a landing page | Source

Why Create a Landing Page Using Blogger?

Because it is easy to use and its FREE. Yeah its free, unless you buy a custom domain for your landing page. Professional landing pages are usually hosted in hosting companies for a monthly fee. Blogger is hosted on Google's servers so you wont to pay a dime. This is perfect for those people who have no budget and also for those who wants to learn how to make basic landing pages.

Just create a Google account in and your automatically use this free service in

Let's Start

After creating a google account, go to to get started.

We will be making very simple landing page for an affiliate link.

Create a new blog make a name and address. Choose Picture Window as the template.

Click on your blog to get to your dashboard and click layout.

In layout, remove the navbar, blog archive , about me widget, and untick everything in Blog Posts.

To do this, go the widget and click "edit".

Go to Template and click customize.

Click advanced and make every element transparent except the Page Text. After doing this, click Apply to Blog in the upper right corner.

Go to Background and upload a background image that is related to the product,service, or niche you are promoting. A good size example would be 1920×1080. You can search in Google for a wallpaper image with this size.

After uploading your background picture, uncheck "scroll with page and select Don't Tile. You can choose any settings you want in the Alignment.

Now we need to upload a logo. You can search for any logo on google that is related to your landing page. In my example I searched for "make money logo png" in google.

To upload your logo as a header, go to layout. Then go to Blog Title or your Header widget.

Upload your logo picture and choose "‘Instead of title and description".

If your is aligned to the right or left, and you want to center it, use the following procedure.

Go to Template > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS

Then enter this code:

#header-inner img {margin: 0 auto !important;} #header-inner {text-align:center !important;}

After entering the code, click Apply to Blog.

Removing the "Subscribe to"

Go to dashboard > template > edit html

Click inside the code area then press CTRL+F to open the search box.

Paste this line and delete it from your blogs code.

<b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/>

Click save template and you're done.

Removing the "Shaded Part" at the bottom

We need to remove the inner footer region or the part of your site that remains shaded. Try looking at the bottom and you will see.

Go to Dashboard > template > customize > advanced > add css then paste the following code.

div.region-inner.footer-inner { display:none; }

Click apply to blog to finish.

To center the text (post) and make it show properly, you need to follow this step.

Go to dashboard > template > customize > layout and choose the first option.

Start a Post!

You can now start a post and tweak your new landing page. In this example, I used a "make money online" theme for my landing page. It has a download button at the bottom where the visitor can click into and get into the "sales page". The sales page can be a PPD link or a portal for visitors to buy the product or service you are promoting.

You can try anything you have in mind with this part. Just be creative and experiment with your thoughts.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Perfect topic, keep it up.

    • wordsofguru profile image


      3 years ago

      Nice share! Never thought of making a landing page with blogger.


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