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How to Make a Song on FL Studio

Updated on May 25, 2017

How to Make a Song in Minutes (FL Studio)

What is FL Studio?

FLStudio is a computer music studio that lets you create your own songs like a professional music maker. Fruity Loops Studio contains five main windows, all of which let you add sounds, notes and effects to a song. Fruity Loops studio allows you to use an external keyboard to create your own sounds. You can also use the sounds and effects contained within the program.

Creating music in FL Studio is very easy once you get acquainted with the program´s interface. The vast array of music you can create with FL Studio varies from a simple instrument tunes to more complicated music arrangements like orchestral music and complicated, although beautiful ambient songs.

How to Make a Simple Song on FL Studio?

You may begin a song by creating the drum pattern, first, although, it all depends on you. You may also begin the song by creating the melody. To begin this song, I started by creating the drum pattern. To do this, you go to the toolbar and click on file, then on new to create a new song.

The channel window appears with the kick, clap, hat and snare channels. For this song, I only used the kick, hat and snare channels. The next picture shows how these three channels appear on the piano roll window. You can see the individual channels on the piano roll window by clicking the step sequencer button of the toolbar or the F6 key on your keyboard.

The Drum Pattern on FL Studio

The Drum Pattern on FL Studio
The Drum Pattern on FL Studio | Source

The Kick, Hat and Snare on the Piano Roll of FL Studio

FL Studio
FL Studio | Source

After having created the drum pattern using the kick, hat and snare channels which I´m showing on the piano roll of the top picture, I continued with the accompaniment of the song which I´m showing of the next picture.

This is the chord accompaniment for this song. I added the chords Am and G Major at the beginning of every measure on the piano roll.

Chord Accompaniment on FL Studio

FL Studio
FL Studio | Source

On the next picture , you can see how the whole song looks with the ghost channels turned on. You can turn the ghost channels on by holding the Alt key and then click V on the keyboard. The chords are those green little circles on the piano roll and they are the chords you hear at the beginning of the song. At the beginning of the song you also hear the ¨ladies and gentlemen¨ voice sound, which you can find on the browser window which is on the left side of Fruity Loops Studio desktop.

Song on FL Studio

FL Studio
FL Studio | Source

On the next picture, I´m showing the first part of the melody. I made the melody with the same notes as in the chords. I only placed some of the notes one octave higher on measures 5, 6 and 7 of the piano roll. The chords can be heard and seen, as the ghost channels are turned on.

The Melody on FL Studio

 FL Studio
FL Studio | Source

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The next part is almost the next to the last part of the song. As in the previous examples, I placed the same notes one octave higher on the piano roll, but created a different melody to give variety to the song.

Following this last part of the melody is another set of the same chords Am and G major, although with a different instrument sound, which is the closing part of the song.

Creating a Song on FL Studio

FL Studio
FL Studio | Source

Immediately after these chords, you can hear a sound effect, which ends the song and the music pattern repeats itself again from the beginning with the ¨ladies and gentleman¨ voice sound effect.

Making Music on FL Studio

FL Studio
FL Studio | Source

Making this song on FL Studio took me a few hours, as I was practicing with different instrument sounds until I found those that I considered suitable for this song. The best that you can do to familiarize yourself with fruity Loops Studio is to get to know the program´s interface, that is to say, you have to familiarize with the main windows which are five.

Once you familiarize with the main windows, explore each one of these windows to get to know what they contain and from there, you´ll be moving gradually as you begin to create your song.


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  • unvrso profile image

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 2 years ago from Mexico City

    I'm not acquainted with doctor Drum. It must be another of the great music production programs. I will follow the link. Thanks for reading.

  • TTMall profile image

    TTMall 2 years ago

    I use FL and love it for hip hop production. And dr drum only requires an ASIO-compatible device, and thus does not require external hardware like the previous versions of pro tools (though having an audio interface helps a ton). dr drum is the industry standard because of its strong sound engine and its ability to multitrack effectively. it's great for recording, though btv is great for digital productions: