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How to Make a Strictly Professional Twitter Account for Work

Updated on November 30, 2012
Screen dump from my twitter account
Screen dump from my twitter account | Source

When I first saw Twitter, I thought it was a load of nonsense. These days, I find it invaluable. I have more than one twitter account, but the largest has approximately 20,000 twitter followers. I use my account for business, to drive visitors to my hub pages and other websites. Using social media in this way gives some independence from the great god Google and the huge swings of the pendulum that result from their algorithm changes. If I look at the traffic on my various sites, google still sends me most of it, but twitter is a close second. Facebook is really not on the list, and I'm not sure why. I do have a facebook presence, but i've always found twitter users to be a lot more responsive.

Here's the twitter account profile of a fellow flower enthusiast. Click on the number of followers to see who they are, and follow them.
Here's the twitter account profile of a fellow flower enthusiast. Click on the number of followers to see who they are, and follow them. | Source

Setting Up a Twitter Account for Work.

This is really no different to setting up any other twitter account. Don't hide the fact that you are a business. You can use the business name of the account, but consider using a personal photo rather than a logo for your profile. It doesn't have to be your picture, but most people do like to think there is a real person on the end of the tweets.

Create a personalized background for your twitter account. It's not difficult. If you don't want to learn, you'll find plenty of people offering the service on, so it's not even expensive. By creating a custom twitter background, you get a chance to say a little more about yourself than the twitter profile will allow. Finally, set up your profile. You need to say something brief about what you do and who you want to make contact with, but its also an idea to say something which will grab attention. Make it clear, that even though you are tweeting for business purposes there is a person behind the twitter account, even if you are actually part of a twitter 'team'.

Finding Followers

Every business has competition. Followers of your competition would probably be interested in what you have to say, so why not follow them? Finding twitter followers isn't really hard, a very large number of people on twitter will follow you just because you follow them.

So, how do you find the followers of any twitter account? There are many useful programs which will help you do that, but you can find the information from Twitter itself. Simply click on the picture of the account you are interested in to bring up the profile summary. You'll see the number of followers, click on that, and the list will open. You can then follow them to your hearts content!

What to Tweet

If finding followers is easy, finding content for your tweets is not. Many corporate twitter accounts throw out press releases like there is no tomorrow, but the truth is, few people ever bother to read them. Tweeting is like selling, you really need to think about what your readers want to know, try and tweet useful or funny information and don't try to sell. It doesn't work. Give your account some personality, but don't tweet about your day. That's really for personal accounts. The golden rule for business accounts is that the customer is never wrong and neither is the business. Criticizing your employer through your professional twitter account is a really bad idea. Don't be tempted to say 'Sorry your package arrived late, those idiots in shipping should be shot.' even if that's what you really think.

The most important thing is to give the impression that there is a real person behind the twitter account. There are many, many programs which will tweet automatically. They will give your company a twitter presence, but the great thing about social media is that it is a dialogue. If you don't engage with your followers, you are missing a huge opportunity, so by all means create what's known as a tweetset - a list of tweets of useful information, but add a personal component, and find a way to respond to genuine direct messages and mentions. There are loads of apps which will allow you to use twitter and associated programs from a smart phone or tablet.

You'll get a lot of robot messages sent out in response to you following someone. If you can, respond in person and make it clear that you have by including some snippet from the person concerned's profile. For example, if they say they love dogs, agree and ask them what breed their dog is, of what color, or how old. If they say they are a writer, ask them what sort of thing they write. Check through the messages you receive and if any fall into that category, be sure to respond.

So, what's a useful message, and if you can't sell, why have a twitter account at all?

Twitter is an excellent way to drive traffic to a site, as long as the site contains information and/or advice. You can easily construct tweets which include links to blog posts, articles on a corporate web site, or even hubpages. Whether you actually get people to visit the link will depend on many factors, the time of day, the day of the week, what they're doing at the time and the text of your tweet. Be sure that the tweet tells your followers why they should bother to visit the link and what they'll get out of it. For example

Writing a short story? Here's a great article explaining how to create characters people will care about.

is more likely to be clicked on than 'Article on creating characters'

Similarly Staring at a blank screen? This short article on writers block might be just what you need. is more likely to be clicked on than 'article on writers block'.

Where can you get all these informative articles? Well hopefully your blog of website will have some, but you can also tweet links to other articles on the web that are not on your site. Your followers will appreciate the information and are then more likely to click when you send out that rare sales tweet that tells them something useful and informative about your product and send them to a special offer page.

Time of day is important, but there is no way to predict which time of day is best, twitter is a world wide phenomenon. Many programs allow you to schedule your tweets - I use Hootsuite - so when you have an important tweet, don't just send it out once. Rephrase it slightly and send it out on different days at different times, but keep an eye on the result, you may well find that certain days and times are more effective for your particular product. If so, make a note and stick to them.


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    • Amaryllis profile imageAUTHOR

      Lesley Charalambides 

      6 years ago from New Hampshire

      You are absolutely right, if you have the time to spent then looking for the right hashtag is a good way to go. I'm sorry I didn't mention that in the hub, but I planned to do an update and will certainly include that point.

      Yes, instant feedback is wonderful, in fact, I'd almost say it's addictive! Thanks for your thoughtful response.

    • scottwkelley profile image


      6 years ago from Petoskey, Michigan

      Good Article. I myself have taken a less aggressive approach to getting followers and I am picky as to who I will follow back or even decide to UN-follow. The things I tweet about are not direct tweets but shared from other services. But I have found that being found by others via the words and phrases i use attracts certain types of people. But I have searched out like minded people and have found by searching hash tags of topics of my interest I meet those people quick.

      Other than that keep it real and promote sparingly, but when you do promote make it a campaign and track your results.

      I do believe anyone that wants to keep up on it all has to have a service to monitor accounts. The one you mention is a good one and most marketers upgrade when managing multiple accounts. You have to love instant feedback after making a post.


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