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How to Make a Video Slideshow from Digital Photos

Updated on November 8, 2012

Do you think making a video slideshow is too time-consuming? It's actually not. These days you can make a dynamic ‘video’ type slideshow, starting with just a few good photos or images (saved at 72 dpi in .PNG or .JPG).

Try PhotoPeach, a free service where you can also place in some nice music. You cannot download it unless you join up at $3 pm, but you can share it with your Facebook friends, via email or embed onto your blog (see my sample down below).

Other movie editing software is located on your computer - possibly iMovie (mac), MovieMaker (Windows), etc, and these also allow you to do a wonderful moving video out of still photos.

The benefit of these modern software over straight pictures, is they have an automated zoom in function. This can also go wrong and chop someone's head off, but if you use iMovie or similar you can control this element better.

Other Ways to Make and Share Slideshows

You can share regular slideshows on SlideShare (which links nicely inside your LinkedIn profile). At the moment I haven’t found an automated way to create a video from words, but I'm sure you will find out how if you look around.

The easiest way is to record you talking your article and share it in different locations. Quicktime Player is on many people’s computers, and this allows video recordings from your screen that can be shared to iTunes or Youtube (although .mov is not a small format). Jing by Techsmith also does this, but it seems better for simply sharing <5 min videos online, quite similar to PhotoPeach but the application captures from your computer.

MP4 is the best format for keeping video small, and there are several MP4 converters out there – Google “MP4 converter”.

Slideshow example made with iMovie


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    • profile image

      Catherine HIndmarsh 4 years ago

      I really liked how you could add your own voice to your video. I think it would be a great personal touch. Really liked the video thank you.