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How to Make an Animated Avatar Slideshow with

Updated on January 11, 2010

Comleted Avatar on Two Simple Pages

People love to use avatars on their websites, blogs, and forum accounts. Social networking sites also have profile pictures. Several websites now allow anyone to create an animated avatar that looks like a slideshow. These slideshow avatars rotate the user's pictures and provides a more creative and interesting avatar than the normal single picture. Avatar makers can make a picture slideshow and use it as an avatar in a matter of minutes with Users can take these animated gif files and upload them to their favorite websites.

Follow the steps below to create an avatar:

1. Upload any personal pictures to your computer. The easiest way to do this is usually with the USB cable that comes with digital cameras. Cameras come with a CD. Put the CD in the computer and follow the instructions. After that, hook the camera to the computer with the USB cable and turn on the camera. The software usually loads at that point and gives an option to save or load the pictures. Of course, each camera will be a little different, so follow the instruction guide that comes with the camera for uploading instructions.

2. Go to Picasion. Look for the "Browse" button in the middle of the home page. Click that button and then use the search box to find the pictures for the animated avatar and slideshow. Click "Open" in that box to save the picture in Picasion. Users who upload only one picture will just get an avatar with a single picture and no animation. But those who upload at least two pictures will be making a slideshow avatar.

3. Choose the 'Size" and "Speed" settings near the bottom of the home page. It is best to choose a size of "100px wide' because many forums and social networking sites will not allow avatars bigger than that. The speed of the gif determines how fast the images rotate. Choosing the "normal" speed is advisable because many people find it hard to enjoy animated gif files that rotate too quickly.

4. Click the "Create Animation" button near the bottom of the page. Picasion almost instantly creates the file and shows it on the next page.

5. Make a copy of the URL (website address), HTML code, and BBCode at the bottom of the page. Sites like MySpace or Facebook may ask for one of these when the user wants to upload the animated avatar to the site. The user can also save the avatar to send in emails by clicking on the "save this animation" link at the bottom.

This is a simple way to create an avatar with no technical skills. Picasion is not the only site which provides this service. Several other sites provide an avatar maker. Search for "how to make a free animated avatar" in Google or another search engine to find these sites.


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