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How to: Make your Windows(Basic,Starter,Ultimate) 7 run faster! Video Guide Included

Updated on September 23, 2015

Massive but worth of it?

We all have been in situation that we want our PC or laptop, running on Windows 7 OS to run faster. Windows 7 platform is really one of those that need pretty much of R.A.M (Random Memory Access) along with fast CPU (Central Processor Unit) and G.P.U (Graphic Processor Unit) to taste the real experience of it. Many computer users are confused with Windows Vista and Windows 7 thing, when it's about the differences. Many are misinformed that those two, totally different O.S's, are actually same - or, that Windows 7 is an advanced model of Windows Vista - which is totally wrong! First of all, all of you in front of screens, reading this: understand that Windows Vista is totally different kind of platform, and by that mean - Windows Vista is little bit less demanding. Windows 7, for example, has totally different "Application Pool" kernel , along with improved IIS 7.0. The application "worker" and "pools" are now totally separated from one application to another. So, for instance, when one application (.exe) became unstable and stops working, Windows 7 improved "Application Pool" kernel will "isolate" the application itself and the "process tree" that it requires for work.On that way, Administrator/User , can stop and end the application along with all of its processes.

Good to know:Versions

Windows 7 is coming in Windows 7 Starter, Windows Home Basic,Windows Home Premium, Windows 7 Enterprise, and Windows 7 Ultimate. Windows 7 Starter pack is an "beginner" type of Windows with basic features integrated in. It is less attractive by it's appearance - it has no "Aero" 3D feature, and it has less features when it comes to Business,Reliability,and Networking features.But, all versions of Windows 7 have the same type of mechanism for "isolating" applications in application pools.Every application has one "worker" (or sometimes a whole bunch of them - exp.: games) assigned which drain resources needed for the pleasant work of application. The additional name of the versions of Windows 7 are telling us, actually for what type of work are they dedicated to.For instance "Professional" version of it, has a built in features like "Back Up and Restore Center", creation and join of Home-Group,faster user switching,Print via Internet,Multi-Touch,Aero Experience... All these features are NOT supported in Basic - for instance.But the advantages of Basic "package" of Windows 7 are LESS REQUIREMENTS FOR SMOOTH WORK.


There are several thing that you can do to make your Windows 7 (whatever the version is), I will do it on Ultimate, run and boot faster. There are things like configuring start-up items/applications,configuring services that run,configuring the "maximum page-load",configuring some of appearance things if you really don't need them and you are searching for a "speedy" and smooth work on it. O.K, it's time to start:

  1. Opening and configuring "msconfig" tool.
  • Click on the "Start" button. In the "Search" text-box type "msconfig" ,and press "Enter".
  • When "System Configuration" window appears, go to the "Startup" tab.
  • When "Startup" list of applications is showed, look for those like "Winamp Agent" (shortened "winampa" or something like that) , then "Acrobat Reader and Acrobat Reader Manager",nVidia Graphic Manager(something like that, and all those things that start up by power-on and bother you)!Also,look for everything that is not "Intel","A.M.D", or "Microsoft" manufactured applications - and TURN THEM OFF by un-checking the "check-box".

Typing in: "msconfig", in text-box, right down in the "Start" menu ; opens the System Configuration window - where you can adjust your start-up items, and ...MORE. CLICK TO ENLARGE
Typing in: "msconfig", in text-box, right down in the "Start" menu ; opens the System Configuration window - where you can adjust your start-up items, and ...MORE. CLICK TO ENLARGE
An example of a window, and marked services that you need to "uncheck"/click - on the check-box.   === CLICK TO ENLARGE ===
An example of a window, and marked services that you need to "uncheck"/click - on the check-box. === CLICK TO ENLARGE === | Source

My Video Guide for Optimizing Your System

Background Services and Startup App's

-Services.Services require additional processes.Additional processes require additional CPU usage AND additional usage of some of really needed resources for every day work on your machine.

2.In the "System Configuration" window(same that's already opened), you can also stop some of the "services", running in background, that literally "eat" your R.A.M Random Access Memory and by due their participating in C.P.U usage AND R.A.M memory - some of them (services) are really unnecessary for average users. Myself, as an System Administrator for IT Network Infrastructure, will give you full guide and tips how to STOP SERVICES that you DO NOT NEED for you EVERY-DAY WORK.(for Home or Office needs)These steps will lead you to the real improvement in your Windows 7 experience.

  • In System Configuration window, the same that's supposed to be opened (I've told you just to click on apply), from "Startup" tab switch to the "Services" tab. There are some really crucial services that are supposed to run always, and there are some that are REALLY (i mean FOR REAL) unnecessary services that are just using too much of your resources.
  • In "Services" tab look for next services that are taking your CPU percentage of usage,and other resources including memory RAM, motherboard bandwidth, hard disk (H.D) usage in meaning of read-write...
  • To shorten your research for those unnecessary services with a great resource taking, here's a list of mine for you people to STOP them and make your machine FASTER:

  • Application Experience
  • Computer Browser (If your computer is not connected to any network)
  • Desktop Window Manager Session Manager (If you don't use Aero theme)
  • Diagnostic Policy Service
  • Distributed Link Tracking Client
  • I.P Helper
  • Offline Files
  • Portable Device Enumerator Service
  • Print Spooler (This service is ONLY needed when you DO have a printer)
  • Protected Storage
  • Remote Registry (Disable this due security measures)
  • Secondary Log-on
  • Security Center
  • Server (If your machine is not connected to the network of any kind)
  • Tablet PC Input Service (IF you don't have any tablet PC ,or if you buy one - the service will start automatically or, at least, you can start it {as all these} - manually)
  • TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
  • Themes ( If you use Windows Classic theme)
  • Windows Error Reporting Service
  • Windows Media Center Service Launcher
  • Windows Search (If you don't use Windows Search feature frequently)

This is the list of services that you need to "uncheck" / stop - and I think that I've cut your work for real. These tips, or tips like this, you'll not get every day. I've researched how will stopping, one-by-one, these services affect to the work of the OS - Windows, in general.


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    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      @roky - I wouldn't agree. It gives you original pictures of System Administrator. True, it gives you boost for PC standalone machine, not server, but ... SERVER is on way hub. Go trough. I will post it actually now how to make robust LAMP server

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      this best but there is not giving systeamaticlly information

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe


      Really, hahahahaha - read what You have written.

      Not on my level to response.

    • profile image


      7 years ago



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