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How to Market Yourself Online (Part 2)

Updated on October 8, 2019
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Prachi is a freelance marketer and copywriter. She is, actively, involved in market research to help the entrepreneurs with brand-building.

In continuation to what I discussed about the ways to market yourself online, here are five more tips to accelerate your online business presence. Let’s have a look:

1. Audiobooks


Buying and selling printed books is certainly getting old, but digital books are still in fashion and preferred by a huge number of people. What’s more intriguing is the trend of audiobooks which is rapidly expanding its popularity in the market. Since 2017, the rise in production of audiobooks has risen to 39% and still increasing.

How it is helpful for you?

Being the next frontier for self-published as well as traditional authors, audiobooks have become the first choice, especially for shorter pieces.

If you are planning to publish your work, then make sure to produce it in the form of an audiobook as well.

The best way to do is through ACX (Amazon’s Audiobook Creation Exchange), which is quite easy and inexpensive. ACX publishing tool is absolutely free and you have the option to record audio all by yourself or hire a professional from the marketplace. ACX offers you up to 40% in royalties and distributes your work on iTunes, Amazon, and Audible.

2. Consulting and Coaching

The practice of coaching and consulting has no end and will always stick around the corner, having wider reach now than ever. According to the statistics, the field is expected to grow by 20% until 2020.

Due to the expansion of technology at such a faster pace and imbalance of work and personal life as well as disturbance in behavioral skills, the demand for consulting is huge in these fields.

Companies are hiring wellness consultants to improve productivity and satisfaction rate of employees. On the other hand, maintaining behavioral skills will always be important both in work and personal life to have effective communication and to manage conflicts and personal differences.

How it is helpful for you?

You can work as a freelance consultant and help your clients through various services as a coach or consultant. You can help in smoothening the industrial changes and improve the rate of accountability. Also, you have the option to supplement staff in the case of companies.

Due to the busy and hectic lifestyle, people and companies need consulting in every area, so it can be a good option to add as an income stream. The overhead cost is pretty small and the chances of earning are fairly high. You can get into this profession by offering one-to-one consulting services or group consulting in case of companies. You can also get paid speaking jobs through consulting.

3. Influencer Marketing


Besides working in a partnership, influencer marketing is another powerful tool to reach to potential buyers. While finding potential partners, it is important for you to have immense social proof. On the other hand, working with influencers, especially micro-influencers can help you with relevantly small amount of expenses. If you are little confused with the prefix “micro”, then it means people have social media following of hundreds to few thousands, but not to millions.

Micro-Influencers have very high user engagement rate that can translate the conversions to sales in a much better way. Many companies are even doing partnerships with micro-influencers as an integral part of their marketing strategy.

How it is helpful for you?

Don’t yearn for a large audience always, especially when the small amount of audience has enough potential to give your business a good start. The best method to do a partnership with someone is through creating products together, cross-promoting products and affiliate marketing.

It is easy to get lured by the people having a mass following, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have an engaging audience. The engagement rate is more important than the number of followers since these people are ready to follow the recommendation and become a part of the campaign.

This way you can receive the ready-made following for your products without many efforts.

4. Hyper-Targeting


Earlier advertisers would look for the sources where they could advertise their products to reach a mass audience and receive at least 10-20% response from them. But now, with the use of latest technologies, advertisers are now using a technique called hyper-targeting, also called as automated sales funnel. Through this, the digital platforms help advertisers target the right audience through their gender, age, location, behavior and specific interest.

The basic rule is “set it and forget it”. The technique is much more effective and comes under a relatively low budget.

How it is helpful for you?

With the help of hyper-targeting, you can easily reach the right customers at low advertising costs and higher conversion rates. It works about evaluating the users’ behaviors and interests on social media as well as their book interests, social media groups and what kind of shopping they did last.

5. VoIP


Earlier the quality of VoIP was not that great and reliable due to poor connection and low audio quality, but technology has turned it into one of the most effective marketing tools.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp have been using VoIP in their app having more than billions of users on a monthly basis.

How it is helpful for you?

Improved VoIP means you can contact anyone across the globe and discuss sales and products. It is undeniable that phone conversations are still one of the most reliable communication options across companies and individuals.

Since people are quite skeptical when someone asks about their personal information, conversing on the phone can solve this issue to a great extent. If people are confused with your products, then talking to them and answering their queries can guide them and help them choose the best product for themselves.

Though AI and chatbots are used by everyone, humans still prefer humans.

These are some of the highly trending marketing strategies to help you get started with your business. Always remember to put your audience at first place and build authentic relationships with them.


© 2019 Prachi Sharma


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