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How to Maximize Blog

Updated on May 19, 2016

Just having a blog seem less fit if not properly optimized especially for you as a user advances blogger for the optimization of a blog then all kinds of stuff you whether it's an article, selling, sharing, and so will be more cutting edge.

Optimization of a blog is also done so that your writing more often read people so that the content of your blog will be more helpful or businesses that use it then the sales will be sold for the right to use SEO tricks. Whatever your purpose in blogging, for the purpose of optimizing your blog, please see the tips below.

1. Use Meta Description

This feature is something new on blogspot that once they use the meta description code automatically. For now you can use the meta description and posts the manual way of course would be beneficial to provide a description of the content of your blog page. When writing a post is usually on the right side there is the option to include a description penulusuran can you fill a summary description of your blog posts.

2. Selection of the Right Template

Choose a template for your blog not just to know but choose decorations that many benefits. Select a template other than the good but also the SEO Friendly namely that has function and role in zoom. Then how a blog could be said to have provided the SEO Friendly? One of them is the title tag, it is important to note and for a good title tag in order to display it on the google more penulusuran result displays the title tag is a good structure and brief.

For example "Post Title - Title Blog" because if an extension possibility is rarely able to get into 70 major penulusuran results. Then select the template also has a fast loading time due to possible Google will not display the blog with looading long time.

3. Display Simple

In terms of layout itself is usually also affect SEO Friendly ie if the layout display too many widgets and chaotic is not easy by visitors. For the design of the layout of your blog as neat as possible and reduce widget that makes the display becomes narrow and difficult to read. The design also navigate to your blog easily diexplorasi visitors for example with the search box that will allow visitors to view the content in the blog, breadcrumbs, related post widget, and so forth.

4. Using the First Posts

Things to note also is the authenticity of your article that will be more valuable and makes the reader feel more happy than just copy and paste from the writings of others. Especially if you do Copas without giving the source from which the text is taken, then Google would be reluctant for violating the rules of Google.


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