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How to Move Files Among Popular Cloud Storage Providers

Updated on January 24, 2014

There are different different ways to store data on cloud storage. Some prefers Dropbox, some like Microsof company Skydrive, some would like and so is 100 % free support that allows you to exchange information between two different reasoning solutions such as Dropbox, Search engines Generate and Box. It also allow you to exchange information from your Computer file Transfer Method (FTP), Protected Computer file Transfer Method (SFTP) and MySQL web servers. A merchant consideration will allow you to do primary exchanges between services; a compensated consideration will allow you more functions such as arranging, and multiple file exchanges.

You will be able to shift data files from one reasoning space for storage services like Dropbox, Skydrive,, Amazon, and more (including private web serves like Dreamhost). You can create 100 % free account with moving and you are eligible to shift 10 GB data from one reasoning service to another for 100 % free. you can update 1 USD per GB afterwards. Its easy to use and test because if you are going to transfer 10 GB, from one cloud to another cloud hosting service, you would probably get an idea whether to use it or not. If you like it, you can pay 1 USD per one GB after your 10GB limit ends.


WD My Cloud 3TB Personal Cloud Storage You have to choose from where you want to shift information files and to where you want to insert it.It allows Amazon S3,, dropbox, FTP,Google drive, SkyDrive, Sugarsync, picasa, Dreamhost and much more. There are main two area that allow you to shift information file across those reasoning storage space solutions. 1. Select Source: Here you have to choose resource from where you want to improt/copy/move information files from available solutions offered in the picture. 2.Select Location : Use the reasoning storage space consideration to which you want to paste/move information from the resource reasoning solutions. Assume I want to shift my information files from my dropbox consideration to consideration, I will choose dropbox in choose resource information file. It will ask for permission from my dropbox consideration.

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Allow that, so you can duplicate information files from your dropbox consideration to another reasoning storage space consideration.Now on select location part, we have to add box consideration, because we want to shift information to box consideration.( You can choose any storage space consideration both part from and to) With access to your Box consideration, Back-up Box (by Mover) can: Read all information files and folders This will also ask for authorization, whatever reasoning storage space consideration you want to add, it will ask for authorization. You may give authorization to specific reasoning storage space consideration to shift information from and to. Moving Files from Dropbox to On both part, I have chosen records, so it will discover files from both dropbox and box consideration part.You can also create directory from any of consideration.There is useful service, you can pack your directory from dropbox on the internet and then shift it to box consideration on the internet using pressure tool.When you click on exchange now key at center, the option will be there. If you wish to make it compacted directory, you can check stereo key, archive(zip file before transfer).

This is an example of moving from one reasoning storage space consideration to another, I used dropbox and to explain. Likewise you can use any reasoning storage space accounts to shift.Even you can back-up wordpress with dropbox or pack your reasoning storage space consideration information and download it on your webserver/local drive of your computer at once.

I use to prefer for transferring my files online from one cloud account to another. Which online file mover do you use ? let me know your suggestion regarding that by commenting below.


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