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How to Create Folders for Your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Apps

Updated on October 25, 2012

Organizing your apps into folders is a quick and easy way to group apps in a way that makes sense for you and ensures that you no longer waste time scrolling back and forth through the various screens trying to find the app that you are looking for.

How Should I Organize My Apps?

Knowing how to create folders for your apps is the easy part. Figuring out how to organize your apps is the part that requires some thought. Head over to How to Organize your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Apps for ideas on how to organize your apps for easy navigation.

1. Hold Down Your Apps to Make Them Moveable

Organizing apps into folders is an easy way to handle iPad apps when you have a large volume of apps on your device and it is very simple to do.Hold down on an app for a few seconds and little 'X' will appear on the light-hand size of the app thumbnail indicating you can now move that app.

2. Drag an App onto Another App

To create a folder all you need to do is drag an app onto another app and you have now created a folder. By default, a folder name will be created based on the category of the apps. You will likely want to change that to reflect your own organizing system.

3. Hit the Home Button to Confirm Change

Press the home button to confirm the changes. Notice how a new folder has appeared on the right-hand size with the new folder name video editing.

Creating folders for your app is the easy part. If you need some suggestions on how to organize your apps into folders check out How to Organize Your iPad, iPod or iPhone Apps . It's a good idea to go through your device on a regular basis and delete any unwanted apps. Some apps can be quite large and memory intensive, so do this on a regular basis will ensure that you don't have to deal with a slow iPad, iPod or iPhone device.

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      jane j. 5 years ago

      Thank-you! Exactly what ive been looking for!