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Best Mini Speakers for your iPad, Computer or Mp3. Good Deals Great Gift Ideas.

Updated on July 12, 2014

The IHome IHM60 speaker

This is the speaker I ordered. The link is in my article . You won't be sorry to buy this little gem!!!!
This is the speaker I ordered. The link is in my article . You won't be sorry to buy this little gem!!!! | Source

What is a Portable Speaker?

This has been a long hot summer and one thing that we have enjoyed is sitting on our dock by the lake, swimming, talking and listening to music on my son-in-law's new portable speaker for his iPad.

When I first saw it I asked him what on earth was it. The speaker looked something like a small black tennis ball. Amazingly it gave off clear, very audible sound. Loving to have music around I became very curious and thus in sued my search for the best portable speaker.

I often listen to Pandora and Spotify on my computer but even with my very good computer speakers the sound is minimally good at best. I decided it is time to get my mini speaker!!!! With Christmas around the corner I am thinking of them as gifts also!!!

So Here is the Final List of The Top Ten

  1. iHome IHM60GT
  2. Alpatronix X-tra Strong Bluetooth Portable
  3. XMI Pte. Limited XAM4-S
  4. Kinivo ZX100
  5. Altec Lansing IM227X mini 11
  6. Logitech Wireless Boombox for ipad
  7. Satechi BTWireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker System
  8. GoGroove BlueSync OR3 Portable
  9. YooMe Black Beat51 with unbelievable power and sound
  10. Accessorise (TM) portable mini speaker system


I believe music is one way to the soul. It can be relaxing, exhilarating and change your mood in minutes. I like to listen to music in a room while working and not always depend on earphones to get great quality sound from my macbook.

You need to decide what you are looking for in a speaker before you buy. Are you wanting two speakers for stereo? Do you want wireless or Bluetooth ready. How important is quality sound to you which can mean sacrificing the portability of your speaker. Both the Bose and Logitech A305 will give you surround sound quality.

Not only are mini speakers awesome but they have some benefits to the more expensive larger speakers. The most expensive larger speakers will give you better sound but you might need to use them for a stationary position. Many travelers love to take their mini speakers with them to enjoy on the beach, hotel room, etc.

One great Speaker

iHome iM60LT Rechargeable Mini Speaker - Gray Translucent
iHome iM60LT Rechargeable Mini Speaker - Gray Translucent

This is one of the most purchased speakers. Read some of the reviews on Amazon for even more information. My husband and I have this one and love its portabliliy and quality.


Why Get a Mini Speaker

You might think the speakers are just for the times when you are desperate for music but the sound is so good people are using it for dinner parties, at home, anywhere. I love to listen to music and have set up quite a sizable library on my computer not to mention the music websites mentioned earlier. You will have to try one of these services as they give you so many options for your music.

I am now ready to purchase a speaker so I am evaluating the divergent pros and cons of today's latest mini computer or iPod, iPhone or mp3 speaker.


I began my search my going to consumer search and the number one rated speaker is Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 it comes at a high price tag of $500. I am sure they are awesome speakers but are not what I am in the market to spend.

Looking for a small speaker for my computer I researched the Logitech USB Laptop Speaker Z305 . It is highly rated by user on both Amazon and CNET . It has good bass and hooks to the back of your computer. The bass is very good on this speaker but some people complain it is not loud enough. I am still looking for a speaker I can use with my iPod also.

Alpatronix X-tra Strong Bluetooth Portable Mini Capsule Speaker/handsfree

This speaker is probably the strongest yet and is also bluetooth. If you don't have bluetooth this speaker comes with a connector for your devices. The sound is great. The bluetooth works 20 feet away and it can also be used as a speaker for your iPhone. You can control functions such as loudness, go to next song, etc. through the speaker.

The top consumer rated speaker of this kind is the iHM60 Rechargeable Mini Speakers for ipod by iHome


So after all my research which one have I decided on . As of today I am considering the Altec Lansing IM227, the iHome iHM60GT Rechargeable Mini Speaker (Gray Translucent). This little speaker is small and ranks highter than the X-mini !! for loudness and bass. Finally I like the Alpatronix extra-strong bluetooth portable mini.

If money was my main concern it would be the YooMe Black Beat53n, the Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable or possibly the accessorise (TM) Portable Mini. I like really like the sound on the Kinivo ZX100 Mini speaker. Now, Should I buy one or Two!!!!

I hope you are able to pick a great speaker for either yourself or family. What a neat Christmas Gift for your spouse, son or daughter. Even older grandchild!!!!

I just received my IHome IHM60GT rechargeable Mini speaker. I am blown away by the sound. The bass is awesome. I just ordered 5 more for Christmas Gifts.

One Final note

One final note if you are a true stickler for great music quality then it would probably be worth your while to spend a few extra dollars and purchase the logitech blue tooth mini speaker. It is a good buy in that the sound quality is rated by some better than the radio systems. It has a 33 foot range and a rechargeable NIMH battery. It has both a stereo and a mono feature and will work as a speakerphone. It fits in the palm of your hand and travels well. Some reviewers rate it's sound to a Bose stereo player and like it better.!!! After much study I came across a set of speaker that have a fantastic rating and although they are not mini if sound is one of your top priorities to us a speak with your iPhone, mp3 , or computer you probably should consider the Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System with Bass Flex Technology. I may have to get these and an inexpensive mini for the convenience. I love music but to have great sound at a party or dinner you might prefer the Creative labs.

What I Just Ordered.

I just received my iHome iHM60GT Rechargeable Mini Speaker (Gray Translucent) . You won't be sorry to get this speaker. I just wish I had bought it sooner. I just ordered 5 more for Christmas Gifts. See above for the link to the Speaker.


I make money writing for HubPages as well as enjoying sharing my experiences and knowledge with others. You can join HubPages also. Follow this Link.


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    • markmorgangenius profile image

      Mark Morgan 3 years ago

      I have reviewed many speakers. I really love speakers made by Logitech. I have owned Logitech Wireless Boombox for ipad for a couple of years now. They have both an awesome build and a very nice audio quality. The unfortunate thing is that they are a bit on the higher price end(above $100).

      But in my quest to review some of the good speakers under 100 dollars I made a hub on it(Title: Best Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under 100). Among below $100 I liked the photive cyren bluetooth wireless speakers. They have incrediblely loud and clear sound in a compact package.

    • nancynurse profile image

      Nancy McClintock 5 years ago from Southeast USA

      Thanks for taking time to read and commenting. I so appreciate your support.

    • Curiad profile image

      Mark G Weller 5 years ago from Lake Charles, LA.