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How to Pick the Perfect Laptop for you

Updated on December 16, 2015
Convertible laptops offers features of laptops and tablets while ensuring high computing power and mobility.
Convertible laptops offers features of laptops and tablets while ensuring high computing power and mobility.


Computer or the IT (Information Technology) technology is the fastest technology that develops rapidly since the invention of micro processors. The computing speed doubles in every two years due to this tremendous technology development. As a result, new laptops are introduced to the market throughout the year and there are different types of laptops in the market with different features, and with different configurations to attract the consumers. This hub provides some informations on most common and popular laptop features where consumers are attracted because of their usefulness or productiveness for everyday computing. Before buying a laptop, it is always advisable to go through the latest laptop reviews in the web. The online laptop reviews will give you an insight into real user experience on the features and performances of laptops by model and brand. Another important step is to check the performance by yourself by operating the laptops on display in shops and understand the performance of the laptop. You can always ask many questions from the sales representatives and even ask for a demonstrations on particular features they are promoting. However, in general following laptop features are mostly preferred by consumers because of their popularity and productivity

Size and Wieght

Laptops can be categorized mainly based on screen size. Higher the screen size, bulkier the laptop. Standard screen sizes of laptops range from 12 inch to 17 inch and above. There are standard groupings of laptops based on size. Following table provides brief idea about size and weight of laptops with screen sizes.

Most people prefer to have mid size laptops or ultrabook laptops. Mid size laptops are easy to handle during the travel less weight and portable. Most of Ultrabooks does not come with DVD drives to save the weight. Also, most of laptops with large screen sizes are used for professional photo and video editing jobs, gaming and watching movies.

Comparison of Laptop Sizes

Screen Size
17" and above
Usually heavy
Large laptops - Used by gamers and professional photo and video editing that need power and high performance
4-6 pounds
Midsize laptops - More portable, has more features such as many USB ports, CD burners ect
14" and smaller
2-4 pounds
Ultrabooks - Super slim and light weight and moderate computing power.
12" and below
Less than 2 - 3 pounds
Small laptops and netbooks - with low computing power and low weight, supper portable

Build Quality and Durability

Most high end to mid range laptops are built very well with Aluminum casing, so that they are strong, stylish, durable, easy to open and close, and so on. Most of other laptops are made of plastic with metal appearance. However, such laptops provide fragile feeling. So, it is always better to ask the sale representatives specifically on the material of the casing as it gives you an important idea about how durable your laptop is.

It is important to pay special attention to the keyboard and touch-pad as they are mostly used inputs to the computer. Try and feel how the touch pad is responding to your fingers. Feel the solidness of the surface of the touch pad. Try and see how easy to use left and right click buttons on the touch pad to operate. Check how solidly the touch pad is fitted to the laptop.

So, it is important to understand the degree of reliability and durability need to expect from the laptop as a whole, key board and touch pads. Check how easy to clean the laptop including the keyboard.

It is important to consider Technical specifications of laptops  more important than build quality.
It is important to consider Technical specifications of laptops more important than build quality.

Technical Specifications

it is natural that most of the consumers gives much attention to build quality of laptops over the technical specifications. However, it is emphasize here that technical specification should be given a high priority over the build quality considering your computing requirements. It is the performance of the laptop ultimately help you to improve your productivity and usability. Technical specifications starts from processor type, processor speed, processor RPM, RAM capacity, main storage capacity, hard drive type, RPM of the hard drive, number of USB slots and their versions, type of DVD drive, quality of cameras, quality of sound system, screen type, screen resolution, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and network resources.

High end laptops naturally accommodate latest version of hardware and mid range laptops are always design to offer comfortable performance for a average user with many technical features as possible.

Always ask the salesperson on the technical specifications, and compare with high end specifications, The best way to confirm the appropriate specifications for your use is to operate the display laptop and check whether specifications satisfy your needs.

Consider computing power and mobility of the device you need to buy
Consider computing power and mobility of the device you need to buy

Laptop Buying Check List

New laptops are always loaded with latest processors, check the type , speed of processor and version of processor
Good to have over 4GB RAM for average computing
Most of the laptops come with over 500GB storage capacity. Check the RPM and version of hard drive
Screen size
Select laptops with 13 to 15 inch screen size which is portable and easy to handle, unless you are looking for large one for watching video or professional work.
Check the screen resolution and type for latest technology. Screen consumes lot of energy and go for high performing energy saving screens.
Check the latest version of USB ports
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Check for latest standards

Important tips about laptops - Before you buy

Laptop technology is one of the rapidly changing technology in the ,market today. New technology is evolving day by day and computing speed doubles after each tow years. As a result, features, specifications and build quality of laptops changes from version to version and model to model.It is the right mix of specification and features along with build quality that provides a perfect laptop for your use. Therefore, following tips are very important to understand when selecting laptops.

  • Understand your computing needs, performance requirements and features you need to have in you computer to fulfill daily computing requirements.
  • Understand your budget and see what technical specifications and features could accommodate in that budget. You can easily search for laptop comparisons in popular online stores to understand where you stand on this point.
  • Do not go for high end features unless you specifically need such specs to perform your daily computing needs. Best options is to operate and see whether performance of particular laptop meets your computing needs.
  • It is important to understand that computing speed of the laptop is depend on how perfectly matching the hardware in the machine each other. Therefore, go for the optimum configuration.
  • Give prominence to technical specifications over build quality when selecting a laptop. It is no point of having high build quality laptop that does not meet your computing needs.
  • Check the durability and reliability of keyboard and touch pad. These two parts are the most used and key to operate laptops.
  • Battery life is an important aspect if you need to use during traveling. Check the battery standby time and operation time. Most laptops come with averagely 4-7 hours battery life before charge.
  • There are convertible laptops that can be converted to a tablet mode and back depending on type of use. This make you no need to have a separate tablet and laptop reducing weight in your backpack.
  • Almost all laptops are operating using Windows OS or Apple OS. Apple notebooks are in the high end category and has limited models to select.
  • Windows based laptops have range of products with competing features and specs to select from.

Laptop Buying Guide 2015 - Best Overall Laptop for 2015

What is the most important factor to make your purchase decision?

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