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How to Play The Island: Castaway

Updated on February 20, 2013

Imagine you are ship wrecked on a deserted island. How would you survive? Find out if you have what it takes in The Island: Castaway. Can you take care of your group of castaways and get them off the island?


There is a map of the island on the top right side of the screen. Click on it to bring up a map of the whole island. The dark blue blinking dot is where you are located. Other people will be shown as light blue stars, white stars, red stars, or green stars. Light blue stars do not need anything from you at the moment. Red stars are people that need your help. Green stars are for people that are waiting for you to do something for them. And, white stars are merchants. Certain items on the map are shown as pictures within silver circles. For instance, the campfire where your castaways live is shown as a fire in a silver circle on the western beach. A fast way to get around is by touching the fire icon in the silver circle. Your character will automatically run there with minimum effort on your part.


To fish, you will first need a fishing pole. Early on in the game, Mike will ask you to find some boxes washed up on the beach. One of these boxes will have a fishing pole. Once you have a fishing pole you will need bait. You need to find a shovel in another washed up box in order to dig for worms. To find worms go to a soft spot in the ground. Soft spots in the ground are shown as circles of dirt with no grass. Once you have your shovel find a soft spot of ground and tap it. Your character will begin digging. A small message will pop up on the screen telling you how many worms you located, if any. The found bait will be put into your inventory.

Once you have your fishing pole and bait, find a patch of dark blue water. Touch the water and your character will go to the water and cast his line in. Once a fish starts biting the bobber will bounce up and down in the water. When this happens, slowly tap your character. You will have to do this several times very slowly to reel the fish in. There will be a colored bar above your head as you are reeling the fish in. When the bar is almost gone (dark green) tap it again slowly. Continue to do this until you have reeled in your fish.


To plant you will need your shovel, a soft spot of ground, and seeds. Hopefully at this point you already have your shovel and you know how to identify soft ground. Now, you need seeds. You can only obtain seeds in the village on the northern beach. If you complete a quest for one of the village women, she may give you seeds. The other way to obtain seeds is by going to the villager with a fruit thought bubble over his head. You can trade with this villager. The left side of the screen will show what you have available to sell. Tap an item that you have in order to sell it. If I select a coconut, a screen will come up saying:

Budget: 371

Total: 3

Result: 374

This means that I already have 371 dollars. The total I will receive for selling the coconut is 3. Therefore, the total money I will have once I sell the coconut is 374. You must select OK to sell the coconut or CANCEL to cancel the transaction.

The store will be on the right side of the screen. These are the villagers wares. Seeds should be in the top middle box. There will be a little green sprig coming out of a brown seed. To purchase a seed select the seed. One seed will cost 2 dollars. To plant multiple fruits and vegetables you will need to purchase multiple seeds. You will not know what these seeds grow until they are planted and grown.

Once you have purchased your seeds, select a soft spot of ground and dig. Once you have dug a hole it will first tell you if you have collected any bait. Tap the hole again to plant the seed. The plant will grown quickly (30 seconds to a minute). Once grown you can tap it again to harvest it. The screen will tell you what you harvested and it will be placed in your inventory.


All across the island and on the beach you will find items on the ground. There items will help you take care of your castaways, feed yourself, complete your quests, and barter will the villagers. If you see an item, tap it to pick it up. You can pick up shells. They are actually pearls that will come in handy later in the game when you want to purchase more costly items from the villagers. You can also pick up fruit and driftwood. However, you cannot pick up crabs by just tapping on them.


Before you can catch those pesky crabs and cook them up you will need a net. This will be given to you by Mike in the course of the game. Once Mike has given you the net you must sneak up on a crab and tap it. Your character will cast the net, and hopefully catch a crab. Once caught, tap the net to pick it up with the crab inside. The crab will go into your inventory.


Once you start collecting you may receive a message that your inventory is full. You have a couple options. You can either sell some of your inventory to the merchant in the village or purchase a larger bag from the other merchant in the village. The second merchant (the villager with the tool thought bubble) will only take pearls as payment.

This short guide should give you a good start into the game.


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      Laura Brown 5 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

      I don't have Kindle. I've got a Kobo eReader, the one from the Canadian bookstore. I haven't found many ways to use it. I wish Amazon would let you pay in other ways so I could buy books for the eReader without needing a credit card.

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      Kimberly Vaughn 5 years ago from Midwest

      I don't have a link because I play it on my Kindle Fire, but that is a great suggestion. You can get it on or

    • That Grrl profile image

      Laura Brown 5 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

      If you have a link to the game I don't see it. Sometimes I bold links in my text. HubPages doesn't really make links stand out well so I make them easier to find.