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3 Unique Free Ways to Play Youtube in Background Android

Updated on April 9, 2020
Photo by Christian Wiediger
Photo by Christian Wiediger | Source

Sometimes, usually, In the morning I find myself playing music on YouTube also to listen to some podcasts as I am getting ready for the day or listen to any type of music for that matter. But the problem here is while you are listening to music and you put on your headphones or Bluetooth headphones and you would think to place your phone in the pocket, and the problem with YouTube here is as soon as you lock your phone’s screen what happens is that you pause the video there instantly.

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As YouTube’s feature is that it wants you to keep your eyes on the screen so on that basis it can show you ads you can enjoy your music regularly regardless if your phone gets locked and placing it in your pocket will also allow your music to play regardless your phone is locked.

So, The Basic overview of the Apps that we are going used are

  1. Using Firefox.
  2. Using YouTube Vanced.
  3. Using yMusic.

Photo by Christian Wiediger
Photo by Christian Wiediger | Source

1. Using Firefox

Android Phones usually comes with Google Chrome browser but you can also find Firefox on the Google Play* Store wherein you could download the app and you need to install a plug-in which is called ‘Video Background Play Fix’ which means fixes the problems when you play a video in the background this plug-in helps you in doing so after which, you can now play any video here and consider that I got a notification of a tweet or notification of an Instagram post and you want to quickly peek it then press the home button browser will be minimized.

But music/video keeps playing in the background and even if your phone’s locked then you can still pause/play it this is certainly a very good option but we’re not sure by 100% that this option would definitely work in some phones and few variants this option might not work which is the reason I’ll be showing two more options but you also need to remember that in Firefox browser the Ads from YouTube would also be played.

2. Using YouTube’s Vanced

Now let’s talk about YouTube Vanced App. YouTube Vanced is that app in which you can easily play music and you can play the music here without the video content too, the app has got two options, one is listening only to music without video and the latter is with video too and obviously, you can minimize it and here, you can control your videos from the lock screen as well so these are quite a few good options, which you get and video certainly plays in the background, the best options of the App is that you won’t be getting any kinds of Ads here as well also provides different variants for the phones, which are rooted and the phones, which are not rooted as well if your phone’s rooted then you get to have additional options too.

Photo by Sara Kurfeß
Photo by Sara Kurfeß | Source

3. Using YMusic

Finally, I’m going to talk about another app, which I recently learned about through XDA Developers and it is called Ymusic, this is a music player app, technically it sorts all your phone’s music too and show them in all different areas but, if you want to watch videos then you can search here ‘ NCS ’ and it would say “there aren’t any NCS videos available on your phone, do you want to search it online” so, go online and you can find all YouTube videos there and obviously you need to login there as well and after which you get to play videos and there’s a tiny pop-up player option to it as well you can select the video quality here as per your requirement and here you can control through lock screen too and again, as I’ve mentioned, all the three apps work perfectly.

As you have made it until the end of the Article. Here’s a Bonus App just for You.

4. Using Bravo Browser

Here are some of the features of this App.

  • Free Private browser
  • Free built-in Ad-Blocker
  • Private Browser with pop up blocker( block ads)
  • Safe private browsing
  • Saves data and battery
  • Invasive Ad-free web Browser
  • Sync Bookmarks Securely
  • Free tracking protection web browser
  • Https Everywhere( for security)
  • Script Blocker
  • 3rd party cookie blocker
  • Private bookmarks
  • Browsing history
  • Recent and private tabs
  • Fast, free, private search engine
  • Fast, free, private search engine using DuckDuck Go
  • And of course, YouTube Background play support.

Firefox browser once in a while might not work but, the other two apps would certainly work and you can listen to the music quite easily and listen to songs and you can control from the lock screen as well. In fact, you can multi-task too as you’ve got here a pop-up player so I would recommend you guys to download all these three Apps try them for a day or for some time then, you would get to know which one is best for you.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Khrawbor Nonglang


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