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How to Post Often on Your Blog

Updated on August 16, 2011

Getting Started

I have kept a blog for a few years now and for awhile managed to post almost every weekday but I have fallen out of practice. My new blog is less personal so finding new ideas to keep posting about has been more challenging. This article will summarize the ideas and tips I have found about posting as well as some good resources to generate ideas.

Do you need to post everyday?

This seems to be one of the great ongoing questions of the blogging world. Some say absolutely, others say it is a myth, some say daily to create traffic than not so much and on and on. I say, more often than not. You want to be the habit that people get hooked on. Every day when your reader stops for a cup of coffee and a few idle minutes, you want to be the site they click on first while they sip. That kind of habit can only get created if you present enough new content that it is worth their while to stop there frequently. If they go to the site a few times and there's nothing new, they may not come so often. But the other side of the coin, the content has to be engaging. The tip off, if you're bored your reader will be too. If you do not have something fresh and interesting to say, you are better to hold off writing and use that time to get inspired.

To be the habit, you must first form the habit.

Habit Forming

For me, there are 2 keys to making anything stick as a new regular part of my life. First, creating the structure in my day for it to happen. I exercise first thing in the morning or not at all. I built in routines for drinking water, eating better and on the floor playtime with our toddler. Most of them took time to make a regular part of my day, and I am giving myself some lenience to build daily blogging into my day as well.

Part of the struggle is to figure out when I can fit it into the day where I can be relatively assured it will not get pushed aside for something else. I really want to blog right after breakfast but I know the morning can easily get swallowed up by the rest of life.

Which brings me to the second key, the back up plan. I want to have a strategy to be successful for days when the normal schedule is thrown a monkey wrench. My plan is to give myself 40 minutes every day by turning off whatever I am doing to post as soon as the toddler goes down for a nap. For the days that does not happen, I will post before bed. I will re-evaluate when the toddler eliminates the nap, but I believe I have some time on that one.

Get Outside Your Head

Regularly read sources outside your comfort zone. Seek out and keep a stash of sites that intrigue you but that get you thinking from a different perspective. Have a way of storing all the good ideas, stories, photos, etc that are your fodder. I have a hard file of magazine articles, a favorite folder for sites, a desktop folder for images, and a little notebook for capturing thoughts and ideas as they pop up.

Give them what they want

Make sure you know what your readers are coming to your site for and give them more of it. A fun way to do this is with surveys but you can also ask for comments. You might find that people loved a particular post that you can break off on a tangent and cover new related content, or that people are fired up about something in current events. Listen to what your readers say and you can almost turn it into a conversation.

Trash & Recycle

Be prepared that not everything you write will be publish worthy. When you have more than one idea and some extra time on your side, write several posts at once and save the extras for a slow idea/ no time for posting day.

When you have a great post that got lots of hits and/or comments, use that as marketing information about your readership. How can you reuse parts of the post to dig deeper or raise a different point.


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