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How to Protect Your Instagram and Twitter Accounts

Updated on November 4, 2014


1. Instagram has a very broad copyright license which has significantly changed in 2013.The license you grant them is now beyond the requirements for operating the service. For instance, it includes the right for Instagram to transfer the license or to license it to others on their terms (“sublicense”). Originally it was proposed that members’ names, photos and other content could be used in advertising and marketing even by third party. Clauses like these make it seem shady and have people wonder about credibility of Instagram.

2. KIK Application with Instagram is a dangerous combination. You could easily become a target of lurkers, stalkers and perverts. KIK is basically a text and image sharing App but because it is unregulated, it is considered unsafe. Also Instagram does not differentiate between its users. There should be different settings or features for minor’s accounts. This is the only way we would be able to protect our kids.

3. Some use their real names as their username which is not a wise thing to do. It makes it easier for people to find you online. In this case you shouldn’t be surprised if you get approval requests from complete random people. This is as important as having a good password.

There have been cases where people have taken credits for other’s pictures. Since images are available publicly, anybody can take credit of your picture and post it on their timeline. This is a copyright violation.

5. Geotagging: This is also one of the features that can get you in trouble. It gives out information about your whereabouts along with your photos. It’s a potential threat to your personal security.


Twitter is no different from Facebook and Instagram when it comes to protection. In fact twitter has been one of the most compromised platforms. In February 2013, twitter officially accepted in a blog post that hackers may have gotten access to nearly 2,50,000 accounts over the course of a week. We also hear about the debatable feature “Auto Follow” from time to time. Twitter in the end had to revoke this feature in July 2013. It also came up with double authentication that also has failed to serve its purpose. It sends a temporary code on your mobile phone which should be used to login to your twitter account. This is helpless in some situations as follows:

1. There is no backup plan if your phone is lost. There is a possibility you will lock yourself out of your own twitter account.

2. It only addresses individual accounts. This doesn’t work for group accounts as one account is associated with one phone. So either people leave themselves logged in or one trusted person will have to be given responsibility of handling the mobile. They all cannot access the same phone.

However you can manage the basic security settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top-right corner once you log into your Twitter account.

Click on settings -> Security and Privacy

You have all the options on this page to control your visibility online. e.g. Tagging in posts, tweet location password reset.

In the end we all know social networking is the next “BIG THING”. There is a reason companies are adopting social media marketing agency. It has become a more intricate part of our lives. Our generation has already adapted and is growing with it every day. So we as a society need to find a way to minimize the misuse of the technology we are blessed with and create a healthy environment. For more insights into online security, check out previous articles from the series about Facebook.


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