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How to Put On and Remove OtterBox Defender for iPad

Updated on January 8, 2016
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Max holds a B.S. in mass communications from SIU, an M.A. in communications from U of I, and is pursuing an MBA from Webster University.


The OtterBox Defender case for the iPad can protect your expensive tablet from just about anything. However, the super shell for your iPad can also be confusing to put on and take off of your iPad. This article illustrates how to put on and remove the OtterBox Defender case for the iPad 2 and iPad 3, and make the process less painful and less of a guessing game.

The OtterBox Defender for the iPad can extend the life of your device.
The OtterBox Defender for the iPad can extend the life of your device. | Source

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How to Put OtterBox Defender on iPad

  1. Carefully stick the screen protector that came with your OtterBox Defender to your iPad's screen.
  2. Place the OtterBox Defender's thin black plastic frame face down on a flat surface so the frame rests flat against that surface. Position the black plastic frame so the lip on the side of the frame that's facing you is position at the top of the frame.
  3. Position your iPad so that it's facing down and then slide the top of your iPad under the lip at the top of the black OtterBox Defender frame. Push the bottom of the iPad up into the lip to ensure it's firmly in place.
  4. Place the clear plastic part of the OtterBox Defender case on the back of the iPad so the roughly two inch by three inch section of the clear plastic back cover that's cut out is near the bottom of the back of the iPad.
  5. Push the clear plastic part of the OtterBox Defender case up toward the lip until the two pieces butt up against each other. The cut out section on the clear plastic part should be positioned over your iPad's information on the lower part of the back of the iPad. Work your way around the edges of the device, pressing the black piece on the front and the clear piece on the back of the iPad against each other. As you work your way around the edges of the iPad, you'll hear the two cases click and lock together at multiple points.
  6. Turn the iPad over so the screen is facing you.
  7. Fit your iPad into the OtterBox Defender's black silicon shell. There are multiple nubs along the inner part of the left, right and bottom sides of the silicon shell; fit these nubs into the corresponding slots on the black plastic shell on the front of the case. Pull the part of the silicon shell near the top of the iPad over the black hard plastic shell.
  8. Turn the iPad over and press the back of the silicon shell against the iPad in each corner to make sure there are no air bubbles between the silicon shell and the hard plastic case.

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How to Remove OtterBox Defender from iPad

  1. Carefully wedge your finger in between the soft silicone shell and the hard plastic shell at any point along the top edge of your iPad.
  2. Work your finger around all of the iPad's edges taking care to remove any nubs on the soft silicone shell from the slots on the hard plastic case.
  3. Carefully pull the silicone shell away from the iPad. Take note of the clip on each corner of the OtterBox Defender's black plastic shell.
  4. Carefully pull the clip in each corner out away from the device until you hear it click and feel it separate the black plastic shell on the front of the device from the clear plastic shell on the back of the iPad. After releasing all four of the clips, the two plastic shells will no longer be attached.
  5. Carefully remove the black plastic shell from the front of the device and the clear plastic shell from the back of the iPad.


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    • ipad tablet pc profile image

      ipad tablet pc 

      8 years ago from UK

      this is a great piece that is indeed informative, educative and makes for interesting reading. It is a good how to on an ipad otterbox defender. Do you plan on doing a video presentation later- a sort of peak over the shoulder of an ipad expert you know?


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