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How to Record Streaming Music or Song Playing on Computer for Free - Audacity

Updated on November 15, 2015

Step-by-step guide to record streaming music or song playing on computer for free using a freeware. If you can hear it in your headphone, you can easily save it to your computer for later offline listening.


In this guide, we will be using the famous Audacity. Click here to download Audacity. This is a free software that can be used for various audio editing and recording purposes.

Below is my Video Tutorial on this Topic

Stereo Mix

First, enable Stereo Mix. Click the Speaker Icon from system tray.

Click Mixer > System Sounds > Sound > Recording

I Can't See Stereo Mix

Due to copyright issues, some laptops and other latest versions may not have Stereo Mix option. In those cases, please read this article

Click Stereo Mix and enable it. Now your computer is ready for recording sound playing on it.

How to Enable Stereo Mix in Windows XP

Easily Record the Song

Open Audacity. Select Stereo-Mix from the menu near the microphone image. Click the record button to start the recording and stop button to stop button to stop the recording.

If you have done everything correctly, then you can see sound waves during the recording as shown in the image or else there will be a straight line.

Capture the Music

To save the music, click File > Export.


  • Start the recording before playing the song, so that the song will be recorded from the beginning.
  • If you forget to select Stereo Mix the song won't be recorded.
  • After recording the song, select the microphone option in the microphone drop-down menu.

Give a name to the recording. Select the format mp3 or wav and click Save. The song will be saved in your selected location.


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