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How to Recover Deleted Photos From Android

Updated on May 9, 2013


We all feel consigned to fate once we have deleted photos and files from our android phones. In most cases this usually happens accidentally. The cause for worry should not be there whether something important has been deleted intentionally or erroneously. There are a number of ways to recover deleted photos from android.

Tricks and solutions are consistently provided much as the evolution that has become android phones continues. One such solution is the ability to recover deleted photos from android. It should be remembered that the retrieval of photos will be entirely possible only when it is done the closest possible to the point of deletion.

Once the photos have been deleted on android smartphones, they are not entirely deleted from the in-built storage. The photos are only entirely lost once the space in which they were previously stored is overwritten with other data. This is the reason why the retrieval of deleted photos should be done as soon as possible.

Retrieve Deleted Photos From Android

There are a number of programs which can be used to recover the deleted photos from an android smartphone. The developers of the software which has been most common with the PCs have made sure that they have made available the same software for android. The photo recovery software is made available either as free software or as paid software. The choice is to be made by an android owner depending on personal experience and available finances.

A good example of the photo recovery software is the DiskDigger software. It is actually the solution to recovering an erroneously deleted file or a deleted file which you have second thoughts about. The android app works just as well as the software for Windows. It will recover photos flawlessly and with great ease. Notable features of the app are the minimalist interface and the straightforward way of using it.

The manner in which its functionality has been built is that it offers a multipronged approach in retrieving photos. Right from the point you launch the app, it is easy to scan every storage medium on the smartphone and to recover the deleted photos. All you need to do is select the storage option which contained those images at the point of deleting them. Follow that up by clicking on ‘Scan Device’ to find the deleted photos. At this point, the search for the specific photo(s) can be narrowed down to the specific file type, and those found will pop up in the corresponding window on the left hand side of the UI. It is as simple as that.

Download the DiskDigger photo recovery app and install the app on the android phone. Click to run the app. Follow that up by scanning for the folder/path that deleted photos were found. This is pretty easy if the photos were stored in the internal memory of the phone. If the photos were stored in the memory card affixed to the android phone, you will have to type this path ‘/_mnt/sdcard’ in the address box provided. From the scanned data, you will get all the deleted photos on the phone and you will have to choose the required photos and save them to restore them on the android phone.

You can also check out other photo recovery software for android which you can use to recover deleted photos. Read through the reviews and even try them out to settle for the best from the bunch.


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