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How to Remove Kido or aka Conficker or Downadup form Your PC?

Updated on June 29, 2011

Kido is one of the conficker worm. This is also referred as aka Conficker or Downadup. Sometimes it's also called Kido virus or Conficker Virus by some people.

This virus spreads across local networks and removal storage media. It's one of the deadly virus which causes huge network traffic and may change the system settings by changing the system registry value. It launches automatically at the start up of your computer and creates various network jam to your network. It also capable to crack administrator password and can make several bad impact of your computer and the whole network.

To know whether your computer is affected by Kido (aka Conficker or Downadup), please fo through the following link:

How to Check Whether Your Computer is Affected by Kido or aka Conficker or Downadup?

How to remove Kido (aka Conficker or Downadup)?

As this virus creates a lots of problem, almost many antivirus vendors are providing several tools freely. These removal tools are totally free and are very helpful for deleting Kido (aka Conficker or Downadup). You may wish any one to fix or remove Kido (aka Conficker or Downadup) form your computer. Some of the Kido (aka Conficker or Downadup) removal tools are provide from the next paragraph. Download with any one of them and remove Kido (aka Conficker or Downadup) form your computer:

By using any of the removal tool, you can easily delete Kido (aka Conficker or Downadup). If you face problem, then please give a comment in the comment box. I will try to give you a solution to remove Kido (aka Conficker or Downadup).

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