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How to Remove the Annoying Paste Icon in Microsoft Word 2003

Updated on June 23, 2011
Microsoft Word 2003 Paste Icon
Microsoft Word 2003 Paste Icon

Every once in a while one has to write a public vent about silly little Microsoft Word annoyances.  This little rant is all about the nagging and annoying paste icon found in the 2003 version of Microsoft Word.  While the tiny little icon does not contribute to global warming, it does not increase the price of one’s insurance policy nor does it squeeze the toothpaste at the wrong end or leave the toilet seat up, it is annoying nonetheless. 

Anyone who is using Microsoft Word 2003 (it might happen in other versions of Microsoft Word, but since this author uses the 2003 version, she can only vent about what she knows) and is faced with the little icon every time she pastes text from one place to another might understand the frustration.  The frustration is similar to driving behind someone who drives 2 miles below the speed limit.  Not earth shattering, but very annoying.

Past Icon Rant
Past Icon Rant

Paste Icon Removal Attempts

One’s initial reaction to get rid of the icon is to highlight or click on it  and press the “Delete” key. Unfortunately that doesn’t get rid of the annoying little bugger. The next logical step is to right mouse click on it to invoke a “Remove this annoying little icon” menu item. That doesn’t work either.

In total frustration, the crazed writer begins to click all around the page hoping it would go away only to find it’s a waste of time. It only seemed to disappear after one begins to type again.

Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

For those Microsoft Word 2003 users out there who aren’t satisfied with ignoring it until it’s time to type again, here’s how to remove that pesky paste icon once and for all:

  • From the “Tools” menu bar at the top of an open window select “Options”
  • Click on the “Edit” tab in the “Options” Window. There will be several tabs to choose from so be sure to select the “Edit” tab.
  • Locate the option “Show Paste Option buttons” and remove the check from the box in front of it (the Microsoft Word programmers should have named this option “Annoying Little Paste Bugger”).
  • Select “OK” to save your selection

Victory - No More Paste Icon
Victory - No More Paste Icon

Put it To the Paste Test

Now find any random text and paste it anywhere in your current document. Viola! No paste options icon.

That, my dear friends, concludes my Microsoft Word 2003 paste icon rant. Thanks for listening.


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    • profile image

      jeff 5 years ago

      "the bugger can be useful, for example, if you want to paste text without formatting,"

      No it's not even useful for that. You can just use "past special" to paste as unformatted.

    • Gig Coleman profile image

      Gig Coleman 6 years ago from Annapolis, MD

      You can also hit the Esc key after you paste to make it go away. (FAW, you gave a long-term solution, but the bugger can be useful, for example, if you want to paste text without formatting, paste a table as text only, etc.)

    • profile image

      Luca 6 years ago

      It is in Office 2010 too... click on Default Paste Options (or something like that, I can't check because the little bugger has finally gone forever) and towards the end there is a check saying 'Display paste options'

      Whoever decided to put it on as default on the middle of a page somebody is writing, right in the same place where the authour just pasted a word and need to check punctuation... well, this somobody have never used an editing program ever...

    • profile image

      Scot 6 years ago

      This annoying "feature" is in Word 2007 too. THANK YOU for the quick help on getting rid of it!

    • profile image

      Christy 7 years ago

      Thank you for solving one my annoyances!

    • profile image

      King Step 7 years ago

      Very useful. That icon was driving me mad!

      Give thanks

    • profile image

      Cate 7 years ago

      THANK YOU - this worked in Excel also - that annoying icon was blocking cells I needed to read. This was SOOO helpful!

    • maggs224 profile image

      maggs224 8 years ago from Sunny Spain

      It is amazing what things irritate us and what things pass us by unnoticed. I know some things that wind my husband up I don’t even notice but by the same token some of the things that wind me up my husband just can’t understand why they bother me.