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How to Remove/Change Backgrounds Professionally in Photoshop CS6

Updated on August 15, 2016

there are so Many techniques to change backgrounds in Photoshop but real challenge Comes when you Have to remove the backgrounds which contains sensitive parts Like Hair and other small Parts which you don't want to loose in the final image. here i am Sharing a Simple but Helpful Method to Remove Backgrounds in Photoshop CS6. hope this Helps you.

So Let's Begin
Open your image in photoshop and Select the object roughly. you don't need to Select it with Perfect edges just Make a rough Selection Using any Selection tool just Like in the image Below (i used Quick selection tool in this image)

after Making selection, right click on Selected area and choose Refine Edge

New Refine Edge window will pop up. Now adjust the diameters like in the i mage Below
• Radius: 0
• Smooth: about 30 to 45
• Feather: 0
• Contrast: 0
• Shift Edge: -2

Select "Decontaminate Colors" and increase the amount to 40 to 50

Now Don't Click on "ok" Just drag it to the Side and you will notice an some kind of Brush tool will appear. Start Painting on Edges of selected Area it will Automatically detects and keeps sensitive Parts of edges (hairs).

After Doing this you will Get this kind of results. Now Click on "ok" Don't worry about some Shadows we can take care of that Later.

Now you will Notice that Background is Completely Transperent but there may be e little shadows can appear. in order to remove that Select Mask Layer of your current Layer and Select Burn tool and adjust the Properties of Burn tool Just Like Shown in the image.
• Select shadows from drop down Menu
• Set Exposure to 50%

Now Right click on image and set hardness to 0. then start painting over the shadows just Like you did before on refine edge.

after Changing the Background you will get these Nice and Clean Results on your image.

To add a New Background just Select the Background Layer and drag your image to Photoshop and adjust it to match Both Images.

this method is for only removing backgrounds of sensitive Parts of an object. you don't need to do it for all kind of images. specifically this method is for removing backgrounds from Hairs. Many People don't know how to remove backgrounds from Hairs they try hard and end up with some bad results. so Here's a Simple Method to apply and get Professional results.

if you have any questions, Let me know in comments


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