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How to Resize Groups of Photo's or Images

Updated on October 31, 2010

Have you ever needed to resize a lot of images before? If you work with a lot of digital images all the time like me then sooner or later you are going to run into a situation where you need to change the size of groups of photo's at a time and need a fast way to do it. Well there is a free program I have been using for months called FastStone Photo Resizer. It's a very impressive program for being free. It not only will resize your photo's but it can crop, add borders, add text, or rename your images, and more.

I am going to quickly walk you through how to resize a few images with it. First go to Download and Run the program. Once it is installed launch the software. You will notice in the top left corner two tabs. “Batch Convert” and “Batch Rename”, for our demonstration make sure “Batch Convert” is selected. Now we must select the source folder where the images are that you want to resize. Click the button with the three dots “...”.

Now find and select the folder with your images in it. You should now see the icons of your images appear in the left-hand side pane. You can select and add individual images or you can simply click the “add all” button to add all of the images in that folder to the right-hand side pane window. All the images that you add to the right side will be the images that are resized.

Now you must select an output folder, the folder where your new resized images will be saved. You can use the same folder and overwrite the source images if you want, but I recommend using a different folder. So create a new folder for this purpose or use one that already exists. Click the “Browse” button below “Settings” to select the folder.

Then click on the “Advanced Options” button and select the resize option. You can put in a custom size if you want, but for this we will pick a standard size, 640x480. Now click OK.

Now you are ready to click the “Convert” button on the main window and watch the program resize all of those photo's to the size you selected. That's it, you're done. Just go to your output folder and see your new resized photo's.

The Video

Below is the video I produced showing the steps taken in this article.


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