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How to Resize the icons in Windows 7 and in windows 8.1

Updated on January 11, 2015

Resizing Icons in Windows 7 and windows 8.1

Today one of my friends asked me how to resize the icons in windows 7, my friend has windows basic addition. I said no problem but I didn't knew that windows Home basic has very limited features, I have windows 7 Ultimate in windows 7 ultimate resizing the icons is piece of cake but here in basic 7 there are limitations to it.

So after much sorting and thinking I got idea that if I browse in Mozilla Firefox or other browser I can adjust the text by holding the ctrl key on keyboard and scrolling the mouse wheel and text gets bigger and bigger, so I thought why not here ? I went to desktop clicked on the desktop to make sure nothing is selected then I hit the CTRL KEY + I scrolled the mouse and voilĂ  the icons changed :).

This is one trick I found, If you don't like it you can do the other way the geeky way. The steps are as follows

1. Click on desktop.

2. Right click mouse

3. Go to personalize option.

4. Go to Windows Color option

5. Click on Window Color.

6. Click on Advanced Appearance Settings.

7. Window Color and Appearance will open.

8. Under Item Selection there will be multiple options.

9. Select Icon Option.

10. Adjust the Icons as you like.

Below is graphical representation enjoy :)


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