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How to Restart your Router Automatically by Software

Updated on August 17, 2009

Firstly , There is more than one method to Restart the Router , here i explain some of these methods.

Restarting Router by Software control

  1. By Web Interface Method

  2. By Manual Telnet Method

  3. Using Software to Automate Telnet Method

By Web Interface Method

i. Open the browser and type the url (I assume your Router IP address is which is the case by default , however it may be different if you change it)

ii. Type username admin and password admin in login window. (Note , User name and Passwords may be different for different routers )

The Default user name in most cases is admin or root

The Default password in most cases is also admin or root

iii. Goto a menu called Tools / System Commands and Press the Reboot Button (The User Interface may be different , but the Restart button will definitely be there)

iv.Your Router will now Restart itself.

Using Manual Telnet Method

You can Restart your Router using Software by using Telnet

Following are the steps for this method:

  1. goto Start -> Run -> and type Telnet

  2. you will find a Telnet Window as shown

  3. type "o " , of course without Quotes

  4. Note: The Default Router IP Address is , if you have changed the default router IP address , then you have to enter that value

  5. Now if you are successful , your telnet window will prompt for User name and password

  6. The Default user name in most cases is admin or root

  7. The Default password in most cases is also admin or root

  8. once , you login successfully, you can enter commands to the router.

  9. The most Common command to Restart the Router is "REBOOT" ,

  10. however if it does not work , you can get help from router by typing "help" or "?". That will contain any command synonmyous to "reboot" command.

Using Software to Automate Telnet Method

There are many free softwares available to Restart your Router by utilizing the Automatizing the manual Telnet Method.

One Such Software is WinRouter Restarter , using which you can automatically restart your router at a scheduled time and also contains additional functionality to shutdown your system also at specified time.

others available are Imran's Broadband Helper Utility ,etc

Download Link for WinRouter Restarter (freeware)      

Download Link for Imran's Broadband Helper Utility


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    • profile image

      mero 6 years ago

      Please Call Me I want to ask for explanation

    • save my system profile image

      save my system 7 years ago from United Kingdom - London

      Thanks for making available software link for the router connectivity. It really works best for me. But still I am worried about security setting of router. I will like to read on it on your next hub. Thanks.

    • profile image

      alhadry 7 years ago

      thank you very much you are a legend

    • profile image

      jagadish 7 years ago

      thank u baby....